The Newest Spectre of Heresy Roaming Around Malahide ?


     Have any of you heard of the Ghost of the White Lady of Malahide Castle in Dublin, Ireland?  As legend goes there is a painting of a beautiful but unknown lady that is hung on the castle’s Great Wall and the woman at times has been known to leave the painting and wander through the castle grounds by night – surely frightening all those who might come in contact with her. 

     Well here we are in 2013 and it has been reported that there may be a NEW mysterious unidentified woman in Malahide who is wandering through the internet with messages referring to our dear Pope Francis as a ‘false prophet’ and even calling him ‘wicked’.  This new spectre violates Catholic doctrines at will and is promoting her heresy throughout the entire world now and leading possibly hundreds of thousands of Catholics away from their Faith!  She is known by the pen-name of Maria Divine Mercy and theologian Ron Conte has now identified this alleged modern day heretic as one Mary (McGovern) Carberry of Malahide Dublin, Ireland.  Here is a link to his articles on the subject…

The identity of Maria Divine Mercy

     Mr. Conte has pointed out that anyone who follows the heresies promoted by the MDM Cult is incurring the penalty of automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church.  You can’t go to Communion anymore folks if you follow those messages!  Here is what Mr. Conte had to say on that subject…

The Automatic Excommunication of Maria Divine Mercy and her followers

There is another excellent and detailed expose on MDM and her Cult on the blog Midwaystreet written by ‘Saseen’  who tells us of a ‘cadre of courageous inquirers in many countries engaged in ongoing research into the mystery of the veiled woman’.  Here is a link to his blog detailing what this group has discovered.  It is updated periodically as more information about the false seer and her organization comes to light.

Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

There is still much information yet to be discovered about MDM and her cult, but we know one thing is for sure – THEY ARE NOT CATHOLIC and if any Catholic values his/her immortal soul it would be wise to stay away from these MDM people.  If you have any further information that you wish to share concerning this  self-proclaimed ‘anonymous end-times prophet’ (LOL) and her organization, please feel free to share it using the form below.  I would be happy to assist you in getting the word and the truth out about this woman – whomever she may be…



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