The ‘Business’ of Warning of the Second Coming…

Yes… that is what I said BUSINESS !  A church or religious organization normally will simply accept donations and any excess profit that is earned from their enterprises is donated to the needy – to Charitable Causes and the like.  Is that what the MDM organization is doing?  Well you be the judge of that…

It has already been revealed on the blogsite Midwaystreet that only CASH PAYMENTS are accepted at the Maria Divine Mercy Book of Truth Seminars such as the one held recently in Chicago, Illinois.  Why in the world would they do that I wonder?  They have a gentleman coming over here to the United States from Ireland (Breffni Cully) who allegedly conducts the seminars under the name of ‘Joseph Gabriel’.  He is a director of the publishing company that produces the Book of Truth (Trumpet Publishing Ltd./Coma Books) and he also SELLS the books at these seminars CASH ONLY !!!!!  You be the judge of that?

Now a little more information about their business dealings within the MDM Organization – the MDM BUSINESS…  !

(Admin note…  it has come to our attention that the MDM organization may be attempting to remove some web links and articles from the internet in order to conceal their activities.  That is why we have made screenshots and can verify all information provided on this page) site posted a message on August 29, 2012 stating that Coma Books had been selected as the official online publisher for The Book of Truth.

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Coma Aug 2012 date hlt

The Business #486479 Coma Books registered officially 6 months later on February 25, 2013.   At that time, Coma Books was NOT listed as an affiliate of the company Trumpet Publishing Ltd.

Coma 486479regdt

Here is a cache screenshot from November 6, 2013 showing that Trumpet Publishing Ltd. trades as Trumpet Publishing Ltd NOT as Coma Books…

(click on picture to enlarge)

Trumpet Publishing Cache Nov62013

But this was changed in the past few days!   Now it says in that same business report online that Trumpet Publishing Ltd. now also trades as Coma Books! Trumpet has a company registration number 514020?

Trumpet Current report Coma includ

We recall that the directors for Trumpet Publishing Ltd. are currently listed as Brefini Cully (spelled incorrectly) a.k.a. ‘Joseph Gabriel’ and Heinrich Martin Roth from Koln (Cologne), Germany.  Also recall that Mr. Roth took over the directorship at Trumpet from Sarah Carberry on January 14, 2013.

Trumpet Publ Ltdaddress crp2

Sarah has been identified by several sources as MDM (Mary McGovern Carberry’s) daughter.    It is surprising that someone with the business experience and professional reputation of Dr. Breffni Cully would be involved with an enterprise such as the MDM Cult!  Dr. Cully is a retired dentist and has been credited in the past for the promotion and distribution of a biophotonic scanner in Ireland which is now marketed by the multi-level company NuSkin/Pharmanex.  See the link below…

New Health Test in Carndonagh

Joseph Gabriel at Chicago MDM Cult Workshop Oct 6

Not the type of person whom you would expect to be promoting an end of the world the warning is on its way religious sect!   And you would think he would also not want to risk his immortal soul either by the tens of thousand of people that he and his counterpart MDM (now identified as Mary Carberry) have led away from their Catholic Faith worldwide!

This story is far from over I suspect, not only with the exposure of the identity of Mary McGovern Carberry as the ‘anonymous prophet’,  but also on the potentially questionable business dealings and the preternatural origin and occult practices of the MDM Cult!


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