MDM’s Comedy of Error…

Item of the Day:

And already in this New Year of 2014, MDM is entertaining us with her lively new and fictitious interpretation of the Gospel.

Latest MDM message… “Mother of Salvation: We traveled to Greece and to England” …
donkey tardis

The Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew…

Matthew 2:13-15 19-20 …behold an angel of the Lord appeared in sleep to Joseph, saying: Arise, and take the child and his mother, and fly into EGYPT: and be there until I shall tell thee. For it will come to pass that Herod will seek the child to destroy him. Who arose, and took the child and his mother by night, and retired into EGYPT: and he was there until the death of Herod: That it might be fulfilled which the Lord spoke by the prophet, saying: Out of EGYPT have I called my son… But when Herod was dead, behold an angel of the Lord appeared in sleep to Joseph in EGYPT, Saying: Arise, and take the child and his mother, and go into the land of ISRAEL. For they are dead that sought the life of the child…

The gospel according to MDM… 1/4/2014
“Joseph’s family were involved in smuggling us out and for many years we traveled. We first went to Judea and then my Son was taken to India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and England.”

donkey arewethereyet

Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Galatians 1:9
“As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema.”


Can you spot the  OBVIOUS ERROR  in the MDM message of Dec. 1st ?

“… I ask that you now begin the Novena of Salvation. You must begin this immediately and continue it, as I instruct you to, to the end of time. You must recite this Prayer for a full   SEVEN CONSECUTIVE DAYS  during one calendar month commencing on Mondays, in the morning time. You must recite it three times during each of the seven days and on one of these days you must fast. By fasting you are requested to eat only one main meal during the day and then bread and water only at the other two meal times.

This is the prayer you must say for each of the SEVEN DAYS.

Crusade Prayer (130) Novena of Salvation Crusade Prayer:…”

Well now, it appears that MDM’s ‘entity’ needs to brush up on its Latin…

“A NOVENA is a series of prayers that are said for nine straight days, usually as a prayer of petition but sometimes as a prayer of thanksgiving. The nine days recall the nine days that the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary spent in prayer between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday.”
The word novena comes from the Latin novem, meaning “nine”


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  1. Mdmer’s have what is called the prayer of Jericho where they pray for seven consecutive days and their prayers are answered.

  2. When I was a kid, our parish had a St Francis Xavier novena that lasted one week. Not 9 days. The word has been generalized, not always referring to 9 days. Why am I writing this, since it probably won’t meet your approval?

    • Well the Novena length is probably not the primary issue of concern. But once again the issue is that the devotion has NOT been officially approved by any legitimate authority of the Catholic Church. A devotion is not allowed until it has been approved by the Vatican or a local bishop. Pray the Divine Mercy Novena this week which IS officially approved.

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