Oh How Horrible! *** WARNING TO PRIESTS *** …

Do Not Bless these Blasphemous Occult Talismans…

The first pictures are now available of the MDM Cult’s newest example of BLASPHEMY against Our Catholic Church and this time the attack is directed against Our Dear Blessed Mother herself!

The MDM Cult's just released 'Medal of Salvation' depicts Our Blessed Mother CROWNED WITH THORNS which mocks the Words of Holy Scripture in Revelation 12:1

The MDM Cult’s just released ‘Medal of Salvation’ depicts Our Blessed Mother CROWNED WITH THORNS which mocks the Words of Holy Scripture in Revelation 12:1

The following are comments made about the newly released Medal of Salvation which was distributed to attendees at the cult’s Book of Truth seminars held recently in Florida USA.  These comments were made in the Facebook group ‘SEVENTY’ which generally endorses the messages of alleged visionary Mary McGovern Carberry…

That is the ugliest depiction of Mary I have ever seen. She is winking! No wonder they had problems making that one. It could be the goddess, Asherah, the wife of Baal Judges 2:13 ; 3:7 )”

Satan hates the Blessed Mother. He’s having a big laugh over this denigration. Mary suffered the Seven Sorrows. She did not suffer the crucifixion, but wouldn’t the evil one love that to have happened? It’s diabolical.

Our Lady’s face on the medal looks distorted. Cannot understand why she would wear the crown of thorns. This is clearly the work of satan…

Our Lady looks disfigured. As for the back it looks like a masonic symbol mashed into the Miraculous Medal…  the S replaces the altar upon which the cross sat in the Miraculous Medal. The cross now sits upon the S with the flames of the Sacred Heart rising up around the cross. So easy for the S with the flames to be also interpreted to mean Satan holding up the cross in victory… the S looks like a snake weaving through the M in a strangle hold move. A very scary medal.

Reverse side of medal depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but the swords do not pierce the Sacred Heart however Blessed Mother is instead crowned with thorns!

Reverse side of medal depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but the swords do not pierce the Sacred Heart however Blessed Mother is instead crowned with thorns!

The use and belief in the powers of magical charms such as the Seal of God or this new ‘Medal of Salvation’ is a form of Occult Spiritism which is clearly condemned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church section 2117… 

“All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one’s service and have a supernatural power over others – even if this were for the sake of restoring their health – are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion… Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices; the Church for her part warns the faithful against it.”

The MDM Cult mocks Holy Scripture with its newly marketed Medal of Salvation, an occult charm which promises Salvation just by wearing a piece of cheap jewelry!  The stars referred to in Revelation Chapter 12 which should properly adorn the Head of Our Lady are replaced instead with a horrendous CROWN OF THORNS!  Figuratively, the shepherds of the Church – the Bishops and our Pope who are the rightful teachers of our Faith appointed by Jesus Himself as successors of the Apostles – are being replaced in this medal by THORNS.

An occult charm replaces Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the means to Salvation!

Maria Divine Mercy Cult1

We must always remain Faithful to Our Holy Shepherds – the successors of the Apostles – who are our Bishops and Pope Francis…

1 John 4:6

“We are of God. He that knoweth God, heareth us. He that is not of God, heareth us not. By this we know the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.”



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  1. Our Blessed Mother looks like her right eye is swollen shut. Anyone wearing this ugly thing would be giving Our Lady a black eye. As for the Latin inscription, it is very poorly done. So bad in fact one is left to wonder how they spelled Mother in Latin and exactly what does it say on top? The serpentine “S” entwined through the “M” means S for serpent, Satan and sadistic.

    My biggest objection is with the two crossed swords pointing down. In Catholic iconography it is one sword which pierced both Our Lord’s heart and that of His Sorrowful Mother when she witnessed the action of Lancianco. The prophecy of Simeon during Our Lord’s Presentation in the Temple was thus fulfilled, “ . . . (and A SWORD will pierce through your own soul also), that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed.” Luke 2:35 What prophecy is fulfilled with these two swords?

    One can readily find on the Internet the Knights of Templar medallion with the inscribed motto “In Hoc Signo Vinces.” Sure, the motto was originally used by Constantine and the original Knights Templar, a military order founded during the Crusades but it was appropriated by the Freemasons using the Templar rituals and symbols in the late 1700’s. Who wants to run around proudly wearing the symbol of Freemasons: the arch enemy of Catholicism? These medals may promise mass conversions but to whom? The faithful have many sacramentals which have been approved by the Church. It isn’t wise to invest in empty promises from a seer who was kicked out of the shrine of Knock Ireland by Archbishop Martin. (She said it. She wrote it. We merely connected the dots.)

    Finally, it is significant to point out that the two swords pointing downward is often used to represent the Knights Templar. With this latest release of the Medal of Salvation the evidence mounts that this is Masonic in origin and inspiration. Put the Seal of the Living God with its Cross inside the Crown; add the two crossed swords and it can be none other. The example I found is from a grave carving in a cemetery. I also found a photo on the Internet of a Freemasonry meeting hall which prominently displays the cross and the crown symbol. When in doubt, do without.

    • My apologies, I confused the names of the two archbishops involved in this case: the name of the Archbishop who cautioned against the alleged visionaries at the Shrine of Knock is Michael Neary, whereas it is Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin who has jurisdiction where Mary McGovern/Carberry lives in Malahide, County Dublin.

  2. Yay, so happy.. I get to see the “Blessed Medal of Salvation”.. I want to order them now, as soon as possible. God bless you all 🙂

  3. This article was published in order to point out the serious and blasphemous Doctrinal Errors depicted in the MDM Cult Medal of Salvation. The occult charm has not been given ANY sort of approval by ANY authority in the Catholic Church (which would be the requirement for any legitimate Sacramental item). To depict Our Blessed Mother in this fashion is an insult to her Immaculate Heart as well as an insult to all Faithful Catholics and is insulting to all our Priests and Religious who serve the Catholic Church. For anyone to wear such a hideous item would be a highly sinful action! So what is the response of visionary’s daughter Sarah Carberry to the information presented Faithfully in this article by ‘The Ruler”…

    Take a look at the new profile picture that Ms. Carberry has now posted on her Facebook page.

    How JUVENILE Sarah …

  4. So are all medals “magical charms”? Like the St Benedict or the Miraculous medal? Are you ignorant of this aspect of Cath spirituality? Uh, yes…

    • No Vta all medals are not ‘magical charms’. But a medal is only an approved devotional Sacramental if it has been officially approved by the Catholic Church. No Bishop of the Roman Catholic Magisterium has given any form or semblance of approval to ANY of Mary Carberry’s so-called sacramental items. Therefore devotion to them is not allowed and would be potentially sinful. If the devotion in any way places a charm or medal or seal in place of Jesus as the means to Salvation then that would be a very grave blasphemy and mortally sinful to practice said devotion.

  5. The two swords is in the Tarot cards here and clearly shows that Maria Carberry is a cultist and Pagan witch!
    Here is the image of the two swords on the Tarot card:

  6. Mark Skoljarev

    I have also discovered Maria has designed the 2 swords side of the medal after the Freemason Square & Compass

    View image here;


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