Sacramentals and Feast Days…

Per Canon Law, Feast Days and Sacramentals may ONLY be instituted and approved through the action of the Apostolic See…

Code of Canon Law





Can.  1166 

Sacramentals are sacred signs by which effects, especially spiritual effects, are signified in some imitation of the sacraments and are obtained through the intercession of the Church.

Can.  1167 

1. The Apostolic See ALONE can establish new sacramentals, authentically interpret those already received, or abolish or change any of them.

2. In confecting or administering sacramentals, the rites and formulas approved by the authority of the Church are to be observed carefully.




Can.  1244

1. It is only for the supreme ecclesiastical authority to establish, transfer, and suppress feast days and days of penance common to the universal Church,

There are several visionaries whose private revelations have been rejected by their local bishop as not supernatural in origin and/or in violation of Church Doctrines.  Therefore the ‘sacramentals’ and ‘feast days’ which they claim to establish are NOT VALID and should not be observed or propagated by Faithful Catholics.  

Some examples are the Rosary of the Unborn, United Hearts Chaplet, and Mournful Heart of Jesus devotionals which have been advanced by Maureen Sweeney-Kyle at Holy Love in Ohio USA.  Also invalid are the feast days she has announced for Mary Protectress of the Faith and for Mary Refuge of Holy Love.  Other invalid sacramentals have been introduced by visionary Mary Carberry of the MDM Cult in Dublin, Ireland.  These fraudulent charms include the Seal of the Living God and the newly released blasphemous Medal of Salvation which mocks Our Blessed Mother.  The claimed feast day for the ‘mother of salvation’ is also not authorized by the Church.  The Matrix Medal introduced by Christina Gallagher (also from Dublin) is also unapproved and invalid for devotional use or veneration.

unappr devot


And the list goes on of those who would seek to undermine and defy the ecclesiastical and teaching authority of the Catholic Church.  Faithful Catholics must always remain obedient to the Pope and Magisterium in all matters of faith!  Stay away from all these false and unapproved ‘devotions’.




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