Mary Carberry’s Alien Occult New Age ‘jesus’…

The MDM saga began like any second-rate horror movie… From the introduction to ‘The Book of Truth’

“It was 3am on Nov. 9th, 2010 when Maria woke up suddenly.  No sooner had she looked at the time, glowing in red from the digital clock beside her bed, did she became aware that her body felt different… weightless… a sizzling sensation in her stomach… Then switching on her bedside lamp a series of powerful emotions, both physical and spiritual, surged like an electrical current throughout her entire body… she sat up and was immediately drawn to a pic of  ‘Jesus’ on the locker beside her bed.”
Sananda (Master Jesus) by Nanette Crist Johnson - a New Age artiste

Sananda (Master Jesus) by Nanette Crist Johnson – a New Age artiste

“The face in the image began to change… the image of  ‘Jesus’ smiled at her and his lips began to move as if He was speaking…”

This picture of Jesus is displayed for veneration by attendees at the promotional ‘Book of Truth Seminars’ being held at various locations around the world which are presented by retired Irish dentist Breffni a.k.a. Joseph Gabriel Cully.  The following photograph was taken during the Chicago event last September 2013…

'Joseph Gabriel' with the talking 'jesus' picture at Chicago Book of Truth Seminar

‘Joseph Gabriel’ with the talking ‘jesus’ picture at Chicago Book of Truth Seminar

“And somebody gave me a picture of Jesus. It was a battered picture, it was just propped there, and I Iooked and to my absolute amazement, em (sigh), his face came out and, and…just… came alive and his mouth started to move and I knew he was speaking but he didn’t say anything. I couldn’t hear anything. And I had an old envelope beside my bed so I grabbed it and I found a pen, I knew he wanted to communicate. And that first message was…I…I think it was three o’clock in the morning, fast asleep, and next minute out this message came, and, it was just extraordinary…”   ~  Mary McGovern Carberry radio interview with “As The Spirit Leads” on WTMR


Now usually when a devout Catholic receives a private revelation such as this it is a very peaceful and prayerful experience, but Carberry stated that she was ‘trembling’ with ‘tears pouring down her face’ and that the light around the image of Jesus ‘drained her of energy’.

And here is how Mary C. describes receiving her very first ‘message’ from her Jesus…

“Grabbing an old envelope and plucking a pen beside her bed the words began to form in her mind…  She wrote down what she heard as it was dictated to her… each word formed clearly, precisely and without pause as her pen touched the paper… The message dictated to her, contained 745 words and it took exactly 7 minutes to write the message word for word from beginning to end.”

This is not a description of the ‘ecstasy’ of a Faithful Catholic visionary like St. Bernadette or the Fatima children… rather it more resembles the occult practice known as AUTOMATIC WRITING which is against the Catechism and Doctrines of the Catholic Church!  

 So if this is really Jesus communicating with Mary Carberry (MDM), then why is He utilizing practices which are against Church teachings??? Maybe because… IT ISN’T ACTUALLY JESUS AT ALL BUT A NEW AGE IMPOSTER KNOWN AS SANANDA! Is this indeed the prayer card which allegedly ‘spoke’ to the mind of Mary Carberry on that fateful morning at 3am? The text in the advertisement for these New Age occult prayer cards states the following… “Sananda’s Meditation Cards by the artist Nanette Crist Johnson… with the Sananda Meditation Technique as taught by Alexandriah Stahr – author of Spiritual Discernment: Sananda’s Heart Initiation

Screen clip from the website of Alexandriah Stahr referenced by the link...

Screen clip from the website of Alexandriah Stahr referenced by the link…

Are you getting the picture yet folks?  This is NOT the Jesus that we as Catholics Worship!

Sananda also known as ‘Ascended Master Jesus’, is a PHONY NEW AGE FRAUD!!!

Anyone who worships this graven image is committing a serious SIN against the First Commandment and the penalty for such a mortal sin is automatic excommunication!

Now a bit of history on the origin of the Ascended Masters… The entity known as “Master Jesus” or Sananda began with the teachings of a 19th century woman named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – founder of the Theosophical Society and author of the book The Secret Doctrine which Adolf Hitler reportedly kept at his bedside for frequent reference… Blavatsky-Theosophical-Society

“Hitler seemed to have favored Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine above other books he had.” “Among the books was one that Hitler often kept by his bedside, the occult standard “The Secret Doctrine” by Madame Helen P. Blavatsky (Kubizek). Hitler kept a copy of Blavatsky’s ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by his bedside, ever since being introduced to its teachings by Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer (Adolf Hitler, The Occult Messiah, Gerald Suster, 1981)” 

It is interesting that the first ‘message’ allegedly received by MDM from her ‘jesus’ (at her bedside) was channeled to her through a talking picture resembling Jesus Christ but actually was a prayer card of the New Age Theosophical figure known as Sananda – one of the so-called Ascended Masters. Mary McGovern Carberry is not the first so-called Catholic mystic to espouse New Age teachings.  Tomislav Vlasic,  a defrocked priest who was the spiritual counselor for the Medjugorje visionaries, is part of a cult in Italy known as the Central Nucleus which promotes nonsense about aliens, channeling and other New Age Theosophical concepts.  It should be noted that the alleged apparitions by the six Medjugorje seers have NEVER been condoned officially by the Catholic Magisterium and in fact seer Ivan has been ordered by the Vatican Nuncio to cease promoting his ‘apparitions’ within the United States.  We await the final judgment by Pope Francis regarding the Medjugorje private revelations.  For now Catholics should use caution in their discernment. As for the Maria Divine Mercy revelations of Mary McGovern Carberry, the Catholic Church has spoken out firmly against the false new age seer.  Her Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has issued the following condemnation on behalf of the Magisterium… statement on mdm  


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  1. Yes, I checked it out. As per usual, there is always more. This promotion of the Blessed Mother is also featured. She is called an ascended master too. As for the Mother of God being called “Divine” words fail me.

    “I offer these exquisite framed pictures of Mother Mary in her many different tiles as Divine Mother. You do not need to be Catholic to appreciate the rich deep colors of these Vintage Mother Mary Holy Cards. Mother Mary is an ascended lady master in her own right and can be called upon for healing, comfort and peace.”

  2. Found the missing keys too of the kingdom of heaven. Looks like St. Michael the Archangel has them on the visionary artwork of Nanette Crist Johnson’s website.


    My soul belong to God…satan is everywhere ready to devour any availabe soul

  4. Too sh, toosh that’s Sananda people. Please wake up before it’s too late. Just why do people seem to fall in love with fake prophets who lead them to perdition?

  5. I think there are a lot of Catholics with very genuine faith; nevertheless, their curiosity, confusion and anxiety makes them easy prey for fake prophets such as Mary Carberry. They have no idea that fallen away Catholics such as MDM fill up the vacuum of their empty spiritual lives with all manner of New Age ideas and anti-Catholic schools of thought. It would seem her restless search- over what may have been decades- according to her radio interview led her to adopt many eclectic ideas and misconceptions about the Catholic faith.

    While it is true, God loves all sinners He is attracted to the humble and contrite of heart, not to the unrepentant sinner. Unfortunately, Mary Carberry’s radio interview, completely lacks any sense of remorse or contrition for her years of abandoning the faith. There is no conversion story. While her followers like to pretend she is in line with St. Paul we see nothing about her being knocked off her high horse. No period of healing from spiritual blindness nor any period in the desert of reflection, retreat and meditation as did St. Paul.

    There are many unanswered questions which the faithful should have paused long enough to ask before jumping unto her bandwagon. A bandwagon I fear which is running headlong in the wrong direction. When her bishop and now her archbishop told Carberry they didn’t believe she was a genuine seer, in all humility, she should have obeyed and taken time out to discern the spirits speaking through her. She didn’t. Instead she went headlong on a vindictive campaign promoting hatred for the Catholic hierarchy who had rejected her “mission.” When lay Catholics and priests started calling her to task for her many doctrinal and scriptural errors she again brought out all her tools to curse them in the name of God. Jesus taught us to bless our enemies, never to curse them. Sadly, many of the faithful took a special, almost perverted delight in that puerile public tantrum.

    May the Lord have mercy on all these poor, deluded souls who think that they can “redeem” themselves following the dictates of this false seer.

  6. Mary Carberry was a devotee of Joe Coleman, who allegedly had a vision of Our Lady as a child. I ask myself if he had a genuine vision why did he later resort to clairvoyance & tarot card reading. Also Mary Carberry it has been alleged reads tarot cards, her and Joe Coleman had a bit of a falling out. Joe Coleman in disobedience to the Local Bishop at Knock Shrine brought people to the Shrine because Mary was going to appear. Many said the sun danced and the like, another Fatima I don’t think so.

  7. Nestor Jose Batlle

    I just found this out today. Thank God, that impostor was finally exposed! I have seen so many Catholics here in Florida fall for this scam and they had perhaps heretical contrary views. I couldn’t believe they couldn’t see that not only it was error but that it was a full on scam. I suffered so much in the past because of this and then I forgot and ignored it and I quit going to that Parrish where those individuals go for a while. When I saw that her site was down and these news and pictures of her duplicity was exposed, I was in triumphant exultation! Loud cries of victory were heard from my tent! This gives me more confidence that all the enemies if God and His True and Only Catholic Church will be conquered, especially those central bankers and their media, that synogogue of satan, will be crushed by God. Thank you for this page! God help that noble nation called Poland from this blight spreading further. That lady will have a lot to answer for if she doesn’t repent and make restitution.

  8. Stephen Maguire

    Mary Carberry out shopping to remove news stories about her, if she was genuine would she care like genuine seers who suffered much for God in physical & psychological abuse.

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