SPIRITUAL CHICANERY: Slandering the Catholic Church via Black Masses and Internet Cults…

In the Name of the Almighty Dollar !

spiritual chicanery1

They seem to be everywhere these days, to all ends of the globe and what they tout is the end of the world or at least the IMMINENT Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  While other charlatans promote the DEVIL HIMSELF through an ‘EDUCATIONAL’ production of a mock Satanic Black Mass at a prestigious university in the United States!  The same Satanist group is also promoting the construction of a statue of Baphomet in a public square at the State Capitol in Oklahoma.  So what is the motivating factor for all these promoters of SPIRITUAL CHICHANERY.  I’ll give you Three Guesses …

$ $ and $ and a bit of personal egotistical pride thrown in for good measure!

Yes folks for only $666 you can have your own name emblazoned on the Satanic statue in Oklahoma.  For $1,200 Mr. Lucien Greaves will put your name at the TOP of the list of idiots who would contribute to his lame endeavor at blasphemy in the name of  FREE SPEECH!  (For $100,000 he will even make you your OWN statue 😉 

On Greaves’ website you will find items for sale which include of course TEE-SHIRTS !!!stemplewares


But if statues and bumper strips aren’t your cup of tea then there are aplenty of internet ‘visionaries’ claiming Jesus told them the only way to salvation is through purchase of their phony occult-tainted false ‘sacramentals’ such as a scapular featuring the MDM Cult’s Seal of the Living God or a medal depicting the ‘Mother of Salvation’ – a blasphemous portrayal of Our Blessed Lady CROWNED WITH THORNS!  And don’t forget to order your medals IN BULK so you can give the ‘gift of eternal salvation’ to all your friends too.  These medals are up for sale only in lots of 25 or more and will be sold for $1 apiece for the cheap tin charms which are actually not worth 2 cents!  And of course there is the Book of Truth (3 Volumes of  Heavenly Messages) to replace your old worn out Bible and a Crusade of Prayers to go along with it.  At last count, Mary Carberry’s ‘entity’ whom she claims is Jesus Himself, has given her through automatic writing, over 150 prayers which need to be recited on a daily basis for the redemption of all mankind!  That’s right…  according to the false seer MDM, Jesus did not redeem us completely through his death on the Cross and Resurrection – No… he needs us to ‘redeem ourselves’ by praying these fictitious Crusade Prayers and printing off a Red Paper Seal of the Living God from a site on the INTERNET!  The MDM Cult even has set up Facebook groups for its ‘faithful’ which slander Pope Francis and mock the Catholic Faith and will quickly and summarily BAN any individual who dares to discern or question the authenticity of Carberry’s schismatic ‘private revelations’.  Her revelations, by the way, have already been declared by the Dublin bishop to be contrary to Catholic Doctrines…

“Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.”


talkin jesus buy stuff

Friends… there is only ONE PATH to eternal Salvation and that path is through Jesus Christ who is present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist.  We can find Jesus in the Tabernacle of any Catholic Church in the world.  We do not need the help of these modern day scam artists to assure our place in Heaven!  And while I respect each American’s First Amendment Constitutional rights, those rights do not protect the HATE SPEECH inherent in a ‘Black Mass’ which mocks the Divinity of Jesus Christ and reeks of religious BIGOTRY directed not only at those of the Catholic Faith but all those who hold to the belief in a Divine Creator.

I hold no sympathy for those who would seek to profit from insults upon the Vicar of Christ or Blessed Mother, or who would trample upon the beliefs of the Catholic Church or any Faith group.  The Catholic Mass and the Holy Eucharist are an expression of Jesus’ deep love for all of humanity and of His Infinite Mercy for all of us.   To reject and desecrate that supreme act of mercy and love, by the performance of a satanic black mass, is an act of Hatred and Violence no different from the manner of evil which led to the Nazi Holocaust.  As a civilized and free society, we must never condone such an nefarious display of hatred by spiritual opportunists in the name of  tolerance.  Follow whatever beliefs you want but DON’T TRASH MINE!




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