Our Church isn’t going to change ANY of its teachings or Doctrines as a result of the Synod. All this ‘controversy’ being hyped by renegade theologians and the liberal anti-Catholic media elite is nothing but a sinister conspiracy to incite hatred against Pope Francis and to cause schism and division among the Catholic Faithful! This conspiracy is being orchestrated by heretic organizations such as SSPX, sedevacantists, and the Maria Divine Mercy Cult! Our Catholic Church is indefectible and our Pope and Bishops are guided by the Holy Spirit. The gates of hell shall NEVER prevail against our Catholic Church and God will always protect our Church from Doctrinal errors as Jesus promised when he appointed Peter and his successors as the Rock and Foundation upon which the Church is grounded. For anyone to say the the Pope will fall into error or that the basic doctrines of the Church could be changed, is guilty of nothing short of HERESY! It ain’t going to happen PERIOD!!!! So Kelly Bowring, Life Site News, CNN and all the other anti-Papist critics can just shut their yaps!

Here at ‘The Ruler’ WE LOVE YOU POPE FRANCIS O:)

Pope holding dove



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