Will Church Doctrine be Liberalized by ‘Progressive’ Bishops?


When Jesus Ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, He left our Catholic Church in the capable hands of his Apostles and their successor Bishops and Popes. The authority was given to them to INTERPRET Church Doctrines NOT to Change the Basic Ground Rules of our Faith!


Some have suggested that the recent and upcoming Synods will have the effect of altering some of the basic tenets of our Faith such as the Indissoluble Nature of Sacramental Marriage or acceptance of clearly sinful behaviors such as Disordered Homosexual Relationships!

The fact is that to even SUGGEST such things would be effectively calling Jesus Christ A LIAR!

Jesus told Peter that he was the ROCK upon which the Catholic Church would secure its solid foundation and that indeed the Gates of Hell Would NEVER Prevail against the Church.  What Jesus was promising to all future generations was the INDEFECTIBILITY of our Faith until the end of time.  The Faith and the basic Doctrines are not open to debate or change – Doctrine DEFINES our Catholic Church and differentiates it from all other sects.  This is our Faith and we are PROUD to profess it in Christ Jesus.  Jesus made the rules – not any Synod or Progressive Bishops – and those basic Dogmatic Principles of the Catholic Faith BY DEFINITION can NEVER CHANGE!

So what can a Synod or a Church Council actually DO with regards to Church practices?  What CAN they CHANGE?

Well, on the issue of Sacramental Marriage, a change could be made to streamline the annulment process if a Marriage was deemed NOT VALID Sacramentally from the beginning.  This does NOT mean the willy nilly granting of annulments so that Catholics can divorce and re-marry AT WILL!  Nor does it mean they could receive the Holy Eucharist or ANY Sacrament of the Church while living in a state of Mortal Sinfulness!  The Church could just administratively make the process more clearly defined and maybe do a better job of catechesis and letting divorced Catholics know that they are still welcome at Mass even following a divorce.  Even those living in a sinful state are welcome to attend Mass and in fact they SHOULD still do so even if they are not Sacramentally eligible.  Jesus always has the power to work things out for these people, but one should NEVER close the door to Jesus’ intervention in their lives – even if we see an earthly situation as seemingly hopeless.   Never stop praying…

And we as a Church must also show the same welcoming attitude toward those who subscribe to a same-sex attraction.  Is it not just as sinful for two heterosexual people – a MAN and a WOMAN to co-habitate or to engage in disordered relations outside of Sacramental Marriage?  That sin is just as GRAVE as to practice homosexual sodomy.  But to have a TEMPTATION without actually engaging in a sinful action or without placing oneself in the OCCASION OF SIN – that is in fact no sin at all and such people are not restricted from Sacramental reception.  

So what are we saying here…

All are WELCOME…   All are WELCOME…  All are WELCOME  in this place…

ALL are welcome at Mass and in our Catholic Family…

ALL are welcome to accept Jesus’ grace of FORGIVENESS and MERCY…

“Go Now and Sin No More…”

There will always be those seeking to justify their sinfulness rather than trying to correct their behaviors.  Such people are the first to accuse the Church of RIGIDITY or lack of compassion for their ‘NEEDS’.  The Church will not and indeed CANNOT change to accommodate such individuals but we should always let them know that when they are ready – Jesus is always there in that tiny little room in the rear of the Church.  And his forgiveness is always there for them to humbly accept.  But the Church and its Doctrines are going nowhere and they are unchangeable.  There are always those who will choose to LEAVE THE CHURCH but the Catholic Church is Indefectible in its Faith and Morals and shall NEVER ABANDON US.

I will repost here an interview conducted by Raymond Arroyo on EWTN as a wrap-up of the recent Synod on the Family…

World Over - 2014-10-26 -Synod on the Family, Fr Gerald Murray Fr Robert Sirico with Raymond Arroyo


Our Catholic Church will NEVER Change her basic Dogmas in an effort to accommodate sin.  Jesus entrusted the Church and her leadership to the watchful guidance of the Holy Spirit and we must always trust in the governance of our Shepherds.  We can always have confidence in the spiritual integrity of our Faith.

Good Shepherd







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