‘The Ruler’ REPORTS!!! Maria Divine Mercy

NEW VIDEO FROM ‘The Ruler’ !!!!!!!

Ruler Reports mdm



‘The Ruler’ has discovered that ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, the secret Irish ‘prophet’ and self-proclaimed visionary, opened an account on Facebook in June of 2010.  That date was a FULL FIVE MONTHS  B – E – F – O – R – E  she began receiving her alleged Heavenly messages from Jesus and Blessed Mother!  The account is registered in the name of MariaDivine.Mercy as can be determined at the following website…


graphfb MariaDivineMercy

We can positively determine that the account was opened in JUNE of 2010 because the Account ID number correlates with the date on which the account was opened on Facebook.  

The following CHART was referenced from the website of noted Ph.D. Data Scientist Massoud Seifi.  As you can see, the Account ID number for MariaDivine.Mercy is…

“id”: “100001157648678”

which corresponds to an account ‘Join Date’ between May 17th and June 8th of 2010…

MDM Join Date

YES !!!!

A FULL FIVE MONTHS PRIOR TO Maria Divine Mercy receiving her very FIRST alleged ‘message’ from Jesus!

Book of Truth


Book of Truth Introduction

Actually… here is the message on November 12, 2010 where ‘jesus’ first instructed Mary McGovern Carberry to publish her Book of Truth Messages…

nov 12


But the account which is registered on Facebook to…

“first_name”: “Maria Divine”         “last_name”: “Mercy”

was opened way back in JUNE of 2010


Something is ROTTEN in Dublin!!!!!

Is Mary McGovern Carberry a LIAR and a FRAUD?





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  1. Who is the “secret prophet?” Is it Mary Carberry’s pseudonym “Marie Divine Mercy” or is it William Kamm, the infamous “Little Pebble?” Surely, the ‘secret prophet’ she is in conversation with can’t be Jesus. There is no precedent in salvation history for a “secret prophet.” Only someone who has something to hide, hides in the shadows refusing to come forward into the light so that their wicked deeds may not be exposed. Jesus, on the other hand, proclaimed Himself the light of the world, preached and carried out His mission in full public view. Again, who is this “secret prophet”?

  2. The account in her book about her first message differs significantly from her interview with Spirit Radio which has been widely promoted on DVD. Rosary Lovey has made a transcript of it. In the interview, she said she could see the lips of “Jesus” moving on her “holy” card. She couldn’t hear him. In the introduction to her “Book of Truth” however she wrote that she “knew instinctively that Jesus wanted to communicate with her.” No mention of silent screen acting with moving lips and no sound that we have in her radio interview. Only when she picked up her pen and began writing was he able to communicate his message to her. In her book, she reports hearing his voice dictating to her. Little wonder she regretted her radio interview because Satan left behind his calling card. “Automatic writing” is an occult practice.

    In contrast with a true seer like St. Bernadette of Lourdes who never changed her story an iota after countless interviews, this self-aggrandized end times psychic can’t help but contradict herself.

  3. The ID you provided (100001157648678) do not match what is in the picture. Please correct me if I am wrong but the number does not appear. Perhaps it was another picture, please clarify.

    • If you look at the area circled in RED on the chart, the last five numbers in the account ID are indicated by ‘xxxxx’ and the number 11576xxxxx falls between 10697xxxxx and 12117xxxxx which falls in the date range of May 17-June 8, 2010

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