So often in the Maria Divine Mercy ‘messages’ it is apparent that the devil is speaking about HIMSELF and how he operates…

devil talking

In this excerpt from December 6, 2014 satan instructs us on how he entices his victims into his clutches with talk of…



peace love happiness

Indeed the sort of peace that is obtained from the demonic MDM Cyber Cult prayers and ‘Book of Truth’ will be short lived and once the devil gets his fangs into you – there is no escaping!

I warn those who embrace false spirituality and who idolize or obsess about anything that does not come from Me. If you open your souls to any spiritual realm, not of My Making, you will open the door to demons, who will cunningly entice you into their dark world. Whatever peace you believe you receive from new age practices will be short-lived. And as you seek more, you will then enter into a state where your conscience will be taken over by those enemies of God, until you are unable to release yourself from their domain. You will never find peace when you idolize false gods.”

bt meme


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  1. Yes, the proponents for Mary Carberry have followed, to the letter, all the diabolical instructions she has issued. With obstinacy they disobey their bishops who have warned her teachings are corrosive to the faith. They fail to realize that the condemnation of her own Archbishop, Diarmuid Martin, effectively means Carberry has not received a commission from God, contrary to her grandiose claims. Therefore, their willful disobedience to proper ecclesiastic authority means they idolize themselves and trust their own feelings and judgement before they trust the continuing work of the Christ to effect the promises He made to His Apostles when He made them the foundation stones of His Church.

    Bottom line is, the Holy Spirit protects, guides and guarantees that the Pope, despite all his human foibles, can never and will never formally teach false doctrine. Whenever anyone casts doubt on the promises of God, one can be certain he is holding the calling card of Satan. When the angel of death visits our homes, do we want anything of his to be found: his books, crusade prayers, medals or seals? Destroy them all, for they all belong to the prince of darkness and his minions gain entrance into our homes and hearts through them.

    Choose obedience and do not give Satan the satisfaction of defecting from the Church for a snake-oil sales woman. Like Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, led the Israelites into idol worship, so too does Mary Carberry seek to lead the People of the New Covenant into false worship. Be careful.

    Our LORD always accomplishes and fulfills His promises. To call Pope Francis the imposter, the false prophet, the right-hand man of Satan, the beast, the Anti-Christ, the head of the serpent, a wolf, a Free Mason or any such pejorative name is sacrilegious; moreover, it is tantamount to calling God a liar.

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