How the Grinch of Maria Divine Mercy Stole Christmas…

well not exactly 🙂

MDM Grinch:

“I must stop this Christmas from coming… but how?”


Yes folks, it’s another prophesy of the MDM Cult which has failed to materialize!

MDM message given on December 25th, 2013…

“Next Christmas, the celebration of My Birth will be replaced by a great ceremony, which will applaud the work of those imposters, who parade in My Church, wearing the garments which serve only to fool the faithful.”

Well… you be the judge.

Here is an excerpt from the homily delivered by Pope Francis this Christmas Eve December 24th, 2014 in St. Peter’s Basilica…

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined” (Is 9:1). “An angel of the Lord appeared to [the shepherds] and the glory of the Lord shone around them” (Lk 2:9). This is how the liturgy of this holy Christmas night presents to us the birth of the Savior: as the light which pierces and dispels the deepest darkness. The presence of the Lord in the midst of his people cancels the sorrow of defeat and the misery of slavery, and ushers in joy and happiness.

We too, in this blessed night, have come to the house of God. We have passed through the darkness which envelops the earth, guided by the flame of faith which illuminates our steps, and enlivened by the hope of finding the “great light”. By opening our hearts, we also can contemplate the miracle of that child-sun who, arising from on high, illuminates the horizon.”

Pope Francis kisses Baby Jesus Christmas 2014

Paul Haring CNS photo


So who is speaking for God?

Note the obvious differences between these two above messages.  The spiritual entity of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ urges us to DISTRUST our Holy Father Pope Francis, the one commissioned by Jesus Christ Himself to lead the Catholic Church…  and speaks further about an alleged conspiratorial plot to cancel the real celebration of the Birth of Christ and replace it with some false ‘great ceremony’ ?????

Jesus, in contrast, speaks to us with words of Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Light even in the midst of this world of seeming darkness and hopelessness. We must never lose hope in our Catholic Faith or reject the leadership of Her shepherds. They are the ones commissioned by Jesus Christ Himself to guide us in our spiritual journey to Heaven.

The evil one always seeks to scare us with conspiracies, fear, hatred and distrust – all which lead us into depression and despair when we should be celebrating this season of hope and love and thinking about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Isn’t the MDM spiritual entity attempting to do EXACTLY that of which it is prophetically accusing the Catholic Church?  Maria Divine Mercy’s ‘spirit’ is attempting to STEAL the Peace of Christ from cult followers and give them a feeling not of Joy and Peace, but rather one of depression, distrust, and FEAR!

Anyone who wishes to steal the peace of the Baby Jesus during the Christmas Season is NOT working for God!

A few questions to ponder for followers of the MDM Cult…

What message is Maria Divine Mercy’s spirit sending to you? Does that spirit ask you to come closer to Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacraments of the Catholic Church or does it ask you to mock and distrust the successors of the Apostles and to pray AGAINST the Pope?

July 21, 2012 MDM message urging prayers before the Blessed Sacrament AGAINST Pope Francis... such is Blasphemy!!!

July 21, 2012 MDM message urging prayers before the Blessed Sacrament AGAINST Pope Francis… such is Blasphemy!!!

Is the MDM spirit a spirit of Joy or a spirit of Fear?

Excerpt from MDM message May 4th, 2013 which threatens blindness, dismemberment, and death upon ‘unbelievers’…

To those of you who claim to speak with great knowledge of Me and then spit with a cursed tongue against My prophet – know this. Your faith will not save you when you curse the Word of God. Your self-proclaimed love of God is meaningless when you judge one of His children before Him. You are cutting the umbilical cord, which binds you to My Father, when you show disrespect, anger and hatred towards Me. When you spit at Me, you will become blind and will never see again. When you utter words of hatred, your tongue will be cut out. When you stand up and declare to all your self-proclaimed knowledge of God, you will fall with your legs cut from under you. When you deem My prophet to be evil, you will have no life.

Is it a Spirit of Peace and Unity or rather is it a spirit of Hatred, Distrust, and Schism?

February 17, 2013 MDM message stating that the next Pope would be a 'false prophet' !

February 17, 2013 MDM message stating that the next Pope would be a ‘false prophet’ !

So… Who is the one truly speaking for God?  Is it Maria Divine Mercy and her spirit ‘entity’ or is it Pope Francis – the Successor of St. Peter who was appointed by Jesus Himself to lead our Catholic Church?

Matthew 16:18

“And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


Well NO MDM – you did not stop Christmas from coming this year.
No… IT CAME! In spite of your entity’s dire nay-saying predictions, IT CAME JUST THE SAME!

And the MDM Grinch stood there puzzling and puzzling in her Malahide Dublin lair…

“How could it be so?”

Then the Grinch thought of something she hadn’t before!

Maybe Christmas, she thought…        


means just a little bit more…


Jesus true joy


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  1. So, according to Mary Carberry Pope Francis is an “abomination” sitting on the chair of Peter. One need only quote from St. Francis to remind the followers of MDM that their sins of calumny and detraction do not please God.

    “The vice of detraction, my brethren, is an enemy to the very source of piety and grace, and it is abominable to the most merciful God; because the detractor feeds on the blood of the souls he has murdered with the sword of his tongue.”

    It is the sword of damnation, not salvation which hangs over the heads of any Catholic who dares to defy the God given authority of the successors to the Apostles. No amount of white-washing can remove the filth ingrained in the messages of MDM. Her pomposity speaks volumes. Witness:

    “I guide My daughter Maria. She has been chosen as the end time prophet. I speak through her. Her voice becomes Mine. Her sorrow and pain are Mine. Her love for others is My Love. Her joy comes from My Sacred Heart. HER HAND IS BEING GUIDED BY MINE.” (Feb.23, 2013)

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