Maria Divine Mercy Closes Warning Second Coming Site But Still Promoting Cult in the Philippines…

Well the big eclipse has come and gone on March 20th and the World did NOT come to an end, but there was an unexpected and joyous event which took place in conjunction with the solar event…



site no longer in operation

Well…  Sort of

As it turns out, Maria Divine Mercy operative Julie Gray who hails from St. Louis, Missouri USA has started a SECRET NEW WEBSITE under the deceptive alias of ‘FILAMENA2015’.

Filamena 2015

Ms. Gray plans to continue posting the condemned MDM Cult  ‘messages’ on the new site, in defiance of the order of seer Mary McGovern Carberry’s Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin, Ireland.  

Archbishop Martin has declared that the alleged messages given to Maria Divine Mercy are in contradiction of Catholic theology and should not be promoted in any Catholic associations.  

Well, it seems that Missouri USA is indeed the hub of SPIRITUAL DISOBEDIENCE this week with Gray’s clandestine promotion of the condemned MDM Cult and Ivan’s alleged Medjugorje ‘apparition event’ which took place in a private home in the St. Louis area following cancellation at another venue after a rebuke from the CDF and local St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson.


Ivan event in MO

And the MDM Cult is still recruiting fresh new followers in developing nations such as the Philippines, where they are currently holding seminars in Cebu and eight other Filipino cities.  Two disobedient rogue theologians were reportedly in attendance at these seminars – Kelly Bowring of Georgia USA and another proponent of the alleged Medjugorje phenomena – Tony Murnane who was the featured speaker at the Book of Truth promotional event along with retired Irish dentist Dr. Breffni (Joseph Gabriel) Cully.

Kelly Bowring Cebu visit


Not only is the Maria Divine Mercy cult still holding their promotional seminars in various countries, but they are even so BRAZEN that they are recruiting new followers from Filipino ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS…

Philippines Elem School1

and even from the 


where the Cult solicited their ‘Seal of God’ to the officers !!!



WHAT !!!!!!!

Isn’t there some kind of LAW against cults trying to recruit uniformed law enforcement officers?


Oh and the MDM Cult doesn’t discriminate either…  they have also been getting new ‘RECRUITS’ from the local PRISON!

prison (2)

All this nonsense to promote the cult of PR Guru Mary McGovern Carberry who has been publicly exposed as a FRAUD by the Irish Mail on Sunday newspaper…



Feb8 IOS2


We hope that the authorities in Ireland and the Philippines will soon investigate the MDM Cult and take action against Mary Carberry’s  fraudulent religious sect whose spiritual chicanery has torn thousands away from not only their money but also from their Catholic Faith!


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  1. can you also look into the Jesus to mankind facebook which is continuing despite the MDM site being closed. I do not belong to facebook so I cannot find out any new developments and is the only souce now as to what is going on.

    • The Jesus to Mankind sites on Facebook have also been shut down by the MDM Cult. The site which was selling the medals of Salvation is also not operational and has a message that the site is ‘down for maintenance’. They seem to be shutting down their entire business now that the MDM SCAM has been EXPOSED!

      • Thank you for your response. The Filamena 2015 is also gone as well. I guess we can all put this behind us now. I just feel sorry for all the other people who up until the last supported it and hope they can find solace that they will no longer be deceived.

  2. How in the world do you find this material? Amazing. And Carberry did it all for nothing. Closes up shop and walks away. She must have had a generous underwriter.

  3. “I bless you, through this Mission, with nerves of steel and an iron determination.” Mary Carberry, Feb.24, 2014

    Looks like another failed promise from her pseudo Savior. This could just be a temporary retreat.

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