The Ruler finds it very curious that just 3 DAYS BEFORE the closing of the ‘official’ MDM Cult website and Facebook groups, there was a visit to St. Louis by Medjugorje ‘seer’ Ivan Dragicevic. Ivan defied Vatican/CDF orders and held an ‘apparition’ event in a private home in the Missouri city.

Ivan event in MO

Now here is the part we find curious… LONGTIME MDM activist and leader Julie Gray ALSO lives in St. Louis and following the closure of the MDM Warning Second Coming website, Julie opened up her own mirror site to post the illicit and Church condemned MDM messages. She used the screen name Filamena2015. But after ‘The Ruler’ exposed this new website, it was also suddenly CLOSED DOWN!!!

Filamena 2015

Ms. Gray has been one of the KEY MDM CULT OPERATIVES in the United States, along with Ms. Susan Gerety Stewart – serving as administrators of many of the Jesus to Mankind Facebook groups and helping to organize Book of Truth seminars for the sect.

But MDM was NOT the ONLY seer that Julie Gray has endorsed. She proudly displayed a picture on her Facebook photos page, that was likely taken in her home, of Christina Gallagher’s ‘Queen of Peace’ image hanging on the wall above her fireplace mantle!

Julie Gray

Gallagher, a false seer like MDM, is also like Mary Carberry a strong proponent of the Medjugorje apparitions. Gallagher’s spiritual advisor Fr. Gerard McGinnity has visited and “spent a great deal of time in Medjugorje since 1984” and Christina’s ‘entity’ has told her ‘she’ was the same ‘Queen of Peace’ that is appearing in Medjugorje and told Christina Gallagher to ‘read and re-read’ the Medjugorje messages!

So here is the CURIOSITY….

The Irish Mail on Sunday Newspaper exposed Maria Divine Mercy (Mary Carberry) as a FRAUD and a SCAM ARTIST back in February…


Mary Carberry reportedly made a trip to Medjugorje along with fellow Irish seer Joe Coleman back in 2010 just before her alleged ‘heavenly messages’ began…

Mary Carberry is a Malahide NEIGHBOR of Christina Gallagher in Dublin, Ireland…

Gallagher attributed her revelations to the same Queen of Peace who is allegedly appearing at Medjugorje…

Gallagher much like MDM had a lucrative money making operation based on her messages – featuring her own version of the Seal of the Living God and a Matrix Medal similar to the MDM Medal of Salvation…

matrixmedal medal of salvationback

Fr. McGinnity claims that Gallagher’s revelations are in agreement with those given in Medjugorje and also with those given to Theresa Lopez.  Lopez was a false seer in the United States who was recruited by Czech Bishop Pavel Hnilica in 1992 by his organization Pro Deo et Fratribus which was set up to provide ‘assistance’ to Catholics behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.   Bishop Hnilica reportedly stated that he was ordained in a prison hospital in Roznava where he was serving time during the Communist persecutions.  Hnilica planned to raise money for his organization by using Lopez to capitalize upon the Medjugorje ‘apparitions’. 


Several other modern false Catholic visionaries and their promoters also claim to have made a pilgrimage or have some connection to the Medjugorje apparition events including Joe Coleman (Ireland), Nancy Fowler (Conyers, GA), John Leary, Theresa Lopez, Anne the Lay Apostle, and Maureen Sweeney-Kyle (Holy Love OH).

Maria Divine Mercy promoter Tony Murnane who recently spoke at MDM Cult seminars in the Philippines is also a devotee of the Medjugorje revelations as is Wayne Wieble who is a promoter of Holy Love.  The alleged apparitions at both Holy Love and of Maria Divine Mercy have been condemned by the local bishop on behalf of the Catholic Church.  

medj weible murnane

The revelations from the Medjugorje ‘seers’ have also been given negative rulings by the local bishops of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovena and seer Ivan has been ordered NOT to promote his alleged apparitions around the world.  We await the final ruling from the CDF and the Vatican concerning Medjugorje.

But the fact remains that there appears to be a CONNECTION between all these modern and likely FALSE apparitions of the 20th Century!  


medj seers

And they all seem to have the objective of promoting a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS OPERATION while at the same time encouraging wide-spread disobedience to the authority of the Catholic Magisterium.  In other words, they are promoting SCHISM and HERESY and they are creating division among the Faithful!

When the Medjugorje phenomenon first began with the 6 young Croatian visionaries back in 1981, the town and the whole of Eastern Europe was still under Communist rule and the Church was widely persecuted.  But the fact is that the seers were allowed to continue their endeavors relatively unhindered and foreign Western tourists were allowed to visit the site fairly openly.  The Communists had a CODE NAME for what was going on in Medjugorje and it was a very appropriate and descriptive title…


Medjugorje Black Soil

Yes indeed, even back then under Soviet style Communism, the soil was still quite FERTILE to take the money from unsuspecting tourists seeking spiritual fruits and miracles – oh and a few medals, Rosaries, and statues too 😉  And the money flow continues today, long after the Communists have gone.

So the question remains…

Is there a NETWORK of FALSE CATHOLIC SEERS with ties to the Medjugorje alleged ‘apparitions’ and is some person, foreign government, or organized criminal organization benefiting financially from these scams?

Who took over the money-making operation in Medjugorje and worldwide following the fall of the Berlin Wall and long after the end of the Cold War, and after the death of Bishop Hnilica?

Let’s leave that question now and return to the LATEST NEWS FROM THE MARIA DIVINE MERCY CULT – MARY CARBERRY AND CO. >>>>

After public exposure and humiliation in the Irish Mail on Sunday Newspaper back in early February, Mary McGovern Carberry took the action of closing down her entire internet operation – including the shutting down of thewarningsecondcoming dot com website and all the ‘Jesus to Mankind’ Facebook groups worldwide…


As it turns out, the Ruler has discovered through internet sources that many of the MDM CULT groups on Facebook have simply CHANGED THEIR GROUP NAMES AND HAVE BEEN CONVERTED INTO SECRET FACEBOOK GROUPS CONTROLLED PERSONALLY BY MARY CARBERRY HERSELF!


Groups secret

And the Ruler has also learned from an unconfirmed anonymous source that Mary Carberry is now operating some of these new and more secretive cult groups under a new alias screen name of EVELINE HILL!

Eveline profile (2)

Is THIS Mary Carberry’s NEW FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and has she indeed taken her cult UNDERGROUND into SECRET GROUPS?

If so, then there must be plans to continue cult activities or to resurrect her ‘MESSAGES’ at a later date in the future.

‘The Ruler’ has also received reports of many Maria Divine Mercy cult Facebook groups being taken over by agents of  INFAMOUS CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST AND PEDOPHILE AUSTRALIAN CULT LEADER WILLIAM KAMM – THE LITTLE PEBBLE !!

It is believed that much of the Maria Divine Mercy cult operations in Australia and SE Asia is now under the control of Kamm who was only a few months ago released from an Aussie prison on parole!

Kamm has recently opened a brand new website for his New South Wales based Cult on which he continues to formally ENDORSE the alleged Warning Second Coming Messages of Mary Carberry…

He even claims that JESUS tells him the MDM ‘messages’ will be back again soon… LOL Stay Tuned Folks…

comment by Pebble on MDM closure


 So Mary Carberry is running SECRET groups and Kamm is pulling an attempted coup of the MDM Cult AND to add to the suspense of this ongoing SEERS SOAP OPERA REALITY SHOW…

Breffni (Joseph Gabriel) Cully is continuing to host Book of Truth recruiting seminars in Third World and Developing Nations.  There were reportedly public meetings held during March 2015 in NINE different cities in the Philippines.

And now there is yet another seminar planned for Medjugorje, Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina coming up on May 3rd…

The MDM Cult is sponsoring a bus from Zagreb to Medjugorje where presumably MDM loyalists will attend the pre-scheduled ‘apparition-on-demand’ event by Mirjana Soldo on May 2nd which is to be televised LIVE on a Medjugorje online network.


Medj seminar


Breffni Cully and Martin Roth continue to rake in the profits from books and occult religious trinkets which have been CONDEMNED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and proven to be of no spiritual or Earthly value of any sort!

We wonder if the Irish and UK taxing authorities are keeping close track of the profits being generated by this dubious duo during their travels around the globe?


Again we can’t help but recall the travels during the 1980’s and 90’s of Bishop Hnilica in and out of Medjugorje, allegedly laundering money and maybe even involved in the arms trade during the Balkan war.  Hnilica claimed that his efforts and the money generated from Medjugorje and his other ‘seer operations’ and activities was going to assist the Solidarity freedom movement and other anti-Communist groups, but there is no evidence of where the money actually ended up?

And did anyone take over these questionable clandestine activities following the death of Bishop Hnilica in 2006?  and WHO is now ‘PROFITING’ from the alleged Medjugorje ‘apparitions’ and tourism activity?  Who is currently ‘CASHING IN’ on the FERTILE BLACK SOIL of DISOBEDIENCE between the hills of Medjugorje?

So why does the Maria Divine Mercy Cult continue to operate international seminars and promote a defunct religious movement which has been thoroughly discredited and the alleged ‘mystic’ proven to be a FALSE SEER who is CONDEMNED by her Local Bishop in Dublin?

The only logical reason we can think of is …




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