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Who is Michael Lindemann and Christo Gifts?

29 May 2015

In late March, within days of the demise of the Maria Divine Mercy vision-making enterprise, Christo Gifts emerged as the new exclusive online purveyor of MDM books and trinkets, offering for the first time the anticipated Book of Truth Volume 4.

The Book of Truth contains the chronological ‘messages’ received by the now-exposed so-called ‘visionary’ Dublin resident Mary Carberry, who had a four-year career posing as a ‘secret’ seer receiving messages from Jesus and his Mother Mary.

Carberry had invested six years in the business beginning in 2009 as an uninvited ‘apprentice’ using the name Mary Egan assisting Irish ‘psychic’ Joe Coleman. In March 2011 her website – The Warning Second Coming – went ‘live’–a colorful, professional collection of pages promoting her ‘visions’ backdated to 8 November 2010. To gain attention she carelessly set up a phone interview with a U.S. Catholic radio station providing a 45-minute ‘telling’ of her story with many mentions of her website address.

During the next three years the MDM website went ‘gangbusters’ accumulating a claimed one billion-plus ‘views’ and the condemnation of bishops world-wide. An international team of bloggers joined forces to identify the mysterious ‘seer’ who only admitted to being a successful European business woman with young children.  From the radio interview they also learned she was Irish. Their research was published online November 2013.

After major media exposure in three colorful multi-page articles in February and March 2015, written by Irish Mail on Sunday investigative journalist Michael O’Farrell, Carberry shut down her business and her Facebook page and requested her ardent followers with dozens of related and supportive Facebook pages do the same.  Jesus had commanded! The Irish Mail commissioned a scientific analysis confirming the voice of Mary Carberry matched the voice of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ from the radio interview. The ‘secret’ seer was ‘outed.’

Book sales of Carberry’s ‘visions’ also stopped from the ‘official’ Coma Books website as did sales of MDM ‘salvation medals’ from Salvido Gifts, both exclusive sellers of MDM paraphernalia. Carberry’s business partners incorporated two companies in Ireland and later two companies in the UK to conduct sales of MDM merchandise, but none has reported any revenue and no company in the U.S., Ireland or the UK claims to do business as “Salvido Gifts.”

Within days of closure of the MDM business operation, Christo Gifts – an online seller – emerged with the anticipated Book of Truth Volume 4 and other MDM paraphernalia, including a new scapular.

Who is Christo Gifts?

The computer duo appear to be ‘fronts’, with no person-to-person link to Mary Carberry or her previous business partners, Irishman Breffni Cully and German Heinrich Martin Roth.Fine print deep inside Christo’s website claims association with “Christo Limited.” The UK company was incorporated in March by the unlikely duo of Michael Lindemann and Thomas Noel Langan. Both are computer ‘geeks’ with a solid history in computer-related occupations and NO history in retail sales of religious items. What’s up?

German-born Lindemann, 36, has been ‘in’ and ‘out’ and ‘in’ of six companies over the past six years beginning with a computer company in Auckland, New Zealand — Byteworks — that he founded in 2008 at age 28.

After three years with Byteworks, Lindemann left New Zealand for England in early 2011 to work as an IT manager for Diligent Boardbooks before joining Rackspace, a cloud-based Web hosting service. A year later – December 2013 – while still working for Rackspace, he began a new company with New Zealander Faith BelcherBiteworks Catering. The company lasted a year-and-a-half. Its website claimed that “head caterer” Faith Belcher with “partner” Michael Lindemann had more than 25 years combined “hospitality experience in New Zealand and the UK.” But Lindemann makes no mention of the business in his online LinkedIn resume and reports no prior “hospitality” experience.

Sharing a London address with Michael and Faith was “Renate” Lindemann, Michael’s mother. Renate was employed in the east Auckland, New Zealand, area of Waitakere during the time that Michael was heading Byteworks in Auckland’s north shore. She followed Michael in the move from New Zealand to England.

German-born Renate – or “Renata” – 62, was educated in Cologne and is proficient in German and English, a potential link to Carberry’s German connections through business partner Heinrich Martin Roth, himself an English-German translator and Cologne resident. Roth owns the business side of the Carberry enterprise though he claims he makes no money from sales of MDM merchandise and wrote that the “real owner” of the MDM business was Carberry herself, though her name does not appear as owner/director of any MDM company. Renate also uses the name Rena Linde H-mann. She left Germany in 1990 when Michael was 10.

Within weeks of incorporating the catering company Biteworks, Lindemann, now age 32, incorporated Headspace Hq Ltd with partners Irishman Thomas Noel Langan, 28, and Romanian Marius Ion Voila who met working at Rackspace. Headspace changed its name to Incus Technologies in October 2014 dropping Voila as a partner.

The three Lindemann London-based companies — Biteworks, Headspace, Incus — claim the same address — 85 Deans Road, London.

While Incus is still an active company, Lindemann and Incus partner Thomas Langan incorporated Christo Limited on March 5, 2015, just after media exposure of Mary Carberry as the ‘secret’ Maria Divine Mercy, and just a few weeks before Carberry closes her MDM websites and businesses. Christo Limited does business as Christo Gifts, though Christo Gifts is not mentioned as a ‘Doing Business As’ name in Christo Limited incorporation files. The company uses Magento, a fulfillment company owned by the US-based auction seller eBay, to process orders for Catholic religious items. Magento was also used to process sales of MDM books sold by Coma Books, and MDM ‘medals of salvation’ sold by Salvido Gifts.  Both items are now sold exclusively by the new Lindemann-Langan Christo Gifts.

The only paperwork connection with Lindemann-Langan’s Christo Limited and the online “gift shop” Christo Gifts is a ‘fine print’ mention of “Christo Limited” as property owner of the “Christo Gifts” website. Christo has the appearance of a legitimate seller of Catholic religious items, but the MDM merchandise has been publicly condemned by Mary Carberry’s [MDM] own bishop and seven other Catholic bishops worldwide. The MDM books, medals and scapulars promote a condemned seer.

As with all other MDM-related companies, Christo Limited/Gifts uses a “mail drop” as its address-of-record — 20/22 Wenlock Road, London — an address owned by “London Presence,” a mail-forwarding company associated with “Companies Made Simple,” the business that prepared and filed incorporation papers for Christo. Companies Made Simple is owned by a Cameroon national Stephen Chi Taiti, 36.

Who profits?

Lindemann makes no mention of his association with Christo Limited/Gifts in his online LinkedIn resume. Researchers are exploring the connection with Michael and Renate Lindemann [Rena Linde H-mann] with other ‘persons of interest’ in the Maria Divine Mercy scam.  Renate was a fan of Australian ‘clairvoyant’ Carolyn Flynn, a resident of New South Wales, Australia, home of convicted pedophile and ‘visionary’ William Kamm, who claimed through associates to have ongoing ‘secret’ communication with ‘Marie Divine Mercy.’  Does Renate link to Roth and Carberry?

Still, no company associated with MDM has reported any revenue from sales of MDM merchandise. Where is the money?  Researchers are aware of reports filed with the tax evasion hotline of the UK’s Revenue and Customs department detailing the businesses associated with Carberry, including the new Christo Gifts.  Maybe they can track the money trail.

In the meantime, anyone having information enlightening the relationship of the Lindemanns to the ‘players’ in the MDM enterprise may contact the author through the confidential “Contact” page.  Any errors will be promptly corrected.



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