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The Grave Sin of Formal Schism by rejecting the Pope

Anyone who denies or rejects the authority of the Pope over the Catholic Church or who claims the Catholic Church to be in Doctrinal error is in effect calling Our Lord Jesus Christ a LIAR!  This is the Grave Sin of Formal Schism and results in latae sententiae EXCOMMUNICATION of the offender regardless of what moral conviction of conscience led him to that belief.  If we are Catholic then we SUPPORT POPE FRANCIS and trust him to lead our Church as the Vicar of Christ appointed by Jesus Himself!

Pope dove vatican


Source: The Grave Sin of Formal Schism by rejecting the Pope



The Ruler finds it very curious that just 3 DAYS BEFORE the closing of the ‘official’ MDM Cult website and Facebook groups, there was a visit to St. Louis by Medjugorje ‘seer’ Ivan Dragicevic. Ivan defied Vatican/CDF orders and held an ‘apparition’ event in a private home in the Missouri city.

Ivan event in MO

Now here is the part we find curious… LONGTIME MDM activist and leader Julie Gray ALSO lives in St. Louis and following the closure of the MDM Warning Second Coming website, Julie opened up her own mirror site to post the illicit and Church condemned MDM messages. She used the screen name Filamena2015. But after ‘The Ruler’ exposed this new website, it was also suddenly CLOSED DOWN!!!

Filamena 2015

Ms. Gray has been one of the KEY MDM CULT OPERATIVES in the United States, along with Ms. Susan Gerety Stewart – serving as administrators of many of the Jesus to Mankind Facebook groups and helping to organize Book of Truth seminars for the sect.

But MDM was NOT the ONLY seer that Julie Gray has endorsed. She proudly displayed a picture on her Facebook photos page, that was likely taken in her home, of Christina Gallagher’s ‘Queen of Peace’ image hanging on the wall above her fireplace mantle!

Julie Gray

Gallagher, a false seer like MDM, is also like Mary Carberry a strong proponent of the Medjugorje apparitions. Gallagher’s spiritual advisor Fr. Gerard McGinnity has visited and “spent a great deal of time in Medjugorje since 1984” and Christina’s ‘entity’ has told her ‘she’ was the same ‘Queen of Peace’ that is appearing in Medjugorje and told Christina Gallagher to ‘read and re-read’ the Medjugorje messages!

So here is the CURIOSITY….

The Irish Mail on Sunday Newspaper exposed Maria Divine Mercy (Mary Carberry) as a FRAUD and a SCAM ARTIST back in February…


Mary Carberry reportedly made a trip to Medjugorje along with fellow Irish seer Joe Coleman back in 2010 just before her alleged ‘heavenly messages’ began…

Mary Carberry is a Malahide NEIGHBOR of Christina Gallagher in Dublin, Ireland…

Gallagher attributed her revelations to the same Queen of Peace who is allegedly appearing at Medjugorje…

Gallagher much like MDM had a lucrative money making operation based on her messages – featuring her own version of the Seal of the Living God and a Matrix Medal similar to the MDM Medal of Salvation…

matrixmedal medal of salvationback

Fr. McGinnity claims that Gallagher’s revelations are in agreement with those given in Medjugorje and also with those given to Theresa Lopez.  Lopez was a false seer in the United States who was recruited by Czech Bishop Pavel Hnilica in 1992 by his organization Pro Deo et Fratribus which was set up to provide ‘assistance’ to Catholics behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.   Bishop Hnilica reportedly stated that he was ordained in a prison hospital in Roznava where he was serving time during the Communist persecutions.  Hnilica planned to raise money for his organization by using Lopez to capitalize upon the Medjugorje ‘apparitions’. 


Several other modern false Catholic visionaries and their promoters also claim to have made a pilgrimage or have some connection to the Medjugorje apparition events including Joe Coleman (Ireland), Nancy Fowler (Conyers, GA), John Leary, Theresa Lopez, Anne the Lay Apostle, and Maureen Sweeney-Kyle (Holy Love OH).

Maria Divine Mercy promoter Tony Murnane who recently spoke at MDM Cult seminars in the Philippines is also a devotee of the Medjugorje revelations as is Wayne Wieble who is a promoter of Holy Love.  The alleged apparitions at both Holy Love and of Maria Divine Mercy have been condemned by the local bishop on behalf of the Catholic Church.  

medj weible murnane

The revelations from the Medjugorje ‘seers’ have also been given negative rulings by the local bishops of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovena and seer Ivan has been ordered NOT to promote his alleged apparitions around the world.  We await the final ruling from the CDF and the Vatican concerning Medjugorje.

But the fact remains that there appears to be a CONNECTION between all these modern and likely FALSE apparitions of the 20th Century!  


medj seers

And they all seem to have the objective of promoting a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS OPERATION while at the same time encouraging wide-spread disobedience to the authority of the Catholic Magisterium.  In other words, they are promoting SCHISM and HERESY and they are creating division among the Faithful!

When the Medjugorje phenomenon first began with the 6 young Croatian visionaries back in 1981, the town and the whole of Eastern Europe was still under Communist rule and the Church was widely persecuted.  But the fact is that the seers were allowed to continue their endeavors relatively unhindered and foreign Western tourists were allowed to visit the site fairly openly.  The Communists had a CODE NAME for what was going on in Medjugorje and it was a very appropriate and descriptive title…


Medjugorje Black Soil

Yes indeed, even back then under Soviet style Communism, the soil was still quite FERTILE to take the money from unsuspecting tourists seeking spiritual fruits and miracles – oh and a few medals, Rosaries, and statues too 😉  And the money flow continues today, long after the Communists have gone.

So the question remains…

Is there a NETWORK of FALSE CATHOLIC SEERS with ties to the Medjugorje alleged ‘apparitions’ and is some person, foreign government, or organized criminal organization benefiting financially from these scams?

Who took over the money-making operation in Medjugorje and worldwide following the fall of the Berlin Wall and long after the end of the Cold War, and after the death of Bishop Hnilica?

Let’s leave that question now and return to the LATEST NEWS FROM THE MARIA DIVINE MERCY CULT – MARY CARBERRY AND CO. >>>>

After public exposure and humiliation in the Irish Mail on Sunday Newspaper back in early February, Mary McGovern Carberry took the action of closing down her entire internet operation – including the shutting down of thewarningsecondcoming dot com website and all the ‘Jesus to Mankind’ Facebook groups worldwide…


As it turns out, the Ruler has discovered through internet sources that many of the MDM CULT groups on Facebook have simply CHANGED THEIR GROUP NAMES AND HAVE BEEN CONVERTED INTO SECRET FACEBOOK GROUPS CONTROLLED PERSONALLY BY MARY CARBERRY HERSELF!


Groups secret

And the Ruler has also learned from an unconfirmed anonymous source that Mary Carberry is now operating some of these new and more secretive cult groups under a new alias screen name of EVELINE HILL!

Eveline profile (2)

Is THIS Mary Carberry’s NEW FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and has she indeed taken her cult UNDERGROUND into SECRET GROUPS?

If so, then there must be plans to continue cult activities or to resurrect her ‘MESSAGES’ at a later date in the future.

‘The Ruler’ has also received reports of many Maria Divine Mercy cult Facebook groups being taken over by agents of  INFAMOUS CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST AND PEDOPHILE AUSTRALIAN CULT LEADER WILLIAM KAMM – THE LITTLE PEBBLE !!

It is believed that much of the Maria Divine Mercy cult operations in Australia and SE Asia is now under the control of Kamm who was only a few months ago released from an Aussie prison on parole!

Kamm has recently opened a brand new website for his New South Wales based Cult on which he continues to formally ENDORSE the alleged Warning Second Coming Messages of Mary Carberry…

He even claims that JESUS tells him the MDM ‘messages’ will be back again soon… LOL Stay Tuned Folks…

comment by Pebble on MDM closure


 So Mary Carberry is running SECRET groups and Kamm is pulling an attempted coup of the MDM Cult AND to add to the suspense of this ongoing SEERS SOAP OPERA REALITY SHOW…

Breffni (Joseph Gabriel) Cully is continuing to host Book of Truth recruiting seminars in Third World and Developing Nations.  There were reportedly public meetings held during March 2015 in NINE different cities in the Philippines.

And now there is yet another seminar planned for Medjugorje, Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina coming up on May 3rd…

The MDM Cult is sponsoring a bus from Zagreb to Medjugorje where presumably MDM loyalists will attend the pre-scheduled ‘apparition-on-demand’ event by Mirjana Soldo on May 2nd which is to be televised LIVE on a Medjugorje online network.


Medj seminar


Breffni Cully and Martin Roth continue to rake in the profits from books and occult religious trinkets which have been CONDEMNED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and proven to be of no spiritual or Earthly value of any sort!

We wonder if the Irish and UK taxing authorities are keeping close track of the profits being generated by this dubious duo during their travels around the globe?


Again we can’t help but recall the travels during the 1980’s and 90’s of Bishop Hnilica in and out of Medjugorje, allegedly laundering money and maybe even involved in the arms trade during the Balkan war.  Hnilica claimed that his efforts and the money generated from Medjugorje and his other ‘seer operations’ and activities was going to assist the Solidarity freedom movement and other anti-Communist groups, but there is no evidence of where the money actually ended up?

And did anyone take over these questionable clandestine activities following the death of Bishop Hnilica in 2006?  and WHO is now ‘PROFITING’ from the alleged Medjugorje ‘apparitions’ and tourism activity?  Who is currently ‘CASHING IN’ on the FERTILE BLACK SOIL of DISOBEDIENCE between the hills of Medjugorje?

So why does the Maria Divine Mercy Cult continue to operate international seminars and promote a defunct religious movement which has been thoroughly discredited and the alleged ‘mystic’ proven to be a FALSE SEER who is CONDEMNED by her Local Bishop in Dublin?

The only logical reason we can think of is …





Irish PR Guru Mary McGovern Carberry and her retired dentist presenter and henchman Breffni (a.k.a. Joseph Gabriel) Cully are reportedly bringing their side-show to Warsaw and Wroclaw this weekend!

This according to an advertisement which has been circulating around the internet.  As usual, the cult asks attendees to register IN ADVANCE and does not provide location information for the cult’s organizational meetings…



The UNREPENTANT MDM Cult continues their deceptive attempt to draw Catholics astray from their Faith, even after the identity of false seer Mary McGovern Carberry has been CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN through scientific forensic audio analysis and voice matching technology and exposed in a popular Irish Newspaper – The Irish Mail on Sunday.

voice analysis proves MDM IS Mary McGovern Carberry



Give me all

Mary Pilfering Papers


If she were indeed an ‘ANGEL’ or a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD, then wouldn’t she maybe have just a bit more TRUST in God to work all these things out for her?

Hmmm…   well I guess God didn’t see fit to intervene huh Mary???

Now the whole world knows that Maria Divine Mercy is a two-bit raunchy FRAUD who uses swear words to greet members of the media when they attempt to interview the woman – this – a woman who claims to be a PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTANT!


Mary quote


So now it is on to POLAND and elsewhere in the non-English-speaking world where she  thinks she can CONTINUE to peddle her spurious spiritual fiction on more poor gullible souls!

Oh Mary…  



Get your FREE COPY of the E-book that first EXPOSED the Dublin Diva of Demonic Deception!  

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The Outing of Mary Carberry – Exposing the Woman Behind the Secret ‘Visionary’


So often in the Maria Divine Mercy ‘messages’ it is apparent that the devil is speaking about HIMSELF and how he operates…

devil talking

In this excerpt from December 6, 2014 satan instructs us on how he entices his victims into his clutches with talk of…



peace love happiness

Indeed the sort of peace that is obtained from the demonic MDM Cyber Cult prayers and ‘Book of Truth’ will be short lived and once the devil gets his fangs into you – there is no escaping!

I warn those who embrace false spirituality and who idolize or obsess about anything that does not come from Me. If you open your souls to any spiritual realm, not of My Making, you will open the door to demons, who will cunningly entice you into their dark world. Whatever peace you believe you receive from new age practices will be short-lived. And as you seek more, you will then enter into a state where your conscience will be taken over by those enemies of God, until you are unable to release yourself from their domain. You will never find peace when you idolize false gods.”

bt meme

‘The Ruler’ REPORTS!!! Maria Divine Mercy

NEW VIDEO FROM ‘The Ruler’ !!!!!!!

Ruler Reports mdm

‘The Ruler’ has discovered that ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, the secret Irish ‘prophet’ and self-proclaimed visionary, opened an account on Facebook in June of 2010.  That date was a FULL FIVE MONTHS  B – E – F – O – R – E  she began receiving her alleged Heavenly messages from Jesus and Blessed Mother!  The account is registered in the name of MariaDivine.Mercy as can be determined at the following website…

graphfb MariaDivineMercy

We can positively determine that the account was opened in JUNE of 2010 because the Account ID number correlates with the date on which the account was opened on Facebook.  

The following CHART was referenced from the website of noted Ph.D. Data Scientist Massoud Seifi.  As you can see, the Account ID number for MariaDivine.Mercy is…

“id”: “100001157648678”

which corresponds to an account ‘Join Date’ between May 17th and June 8th of 2010…

MDM Join Date

YES !!!!

A FULL FIVE MONTHS PRIOR TO Maria Divine Mercy receiving her very FIRST alleged ‘message’ from Jesus!

Book of Truth


Book of Truth Introduction

Actually… here is the message on November 12, 2010 where ‘jesus’ first instructed Mary McGovern Carberry to publish her Book of Truth Messages…

nov 12


But the account which is registered on Facebook to…

“first_name”: “Maria Divine”         “last_name”: “Mercy”

was opened way back in JUNE of 2010


Something is ROTTEN in Dublin!!!!!

Is Mary McGovern Carberry a LIAR and a FRAUD?




Maria Divine Mercy’s ‘Book of Truth’… Leading Souls to Hell since 2010!

MDM Says…

Mary McGovern Carberry

Mary McGovern Carberry

The Book of Truth is contained in Public Revelation and it is important that you do not reject this Holy Book.

Book of Truth HERESYH-E-R-E-S-Y !

The Bible Says in Revelation 22:18bible

“For I testify to every one that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book: If any man shall add to these things, God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church Says…

66 “The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

67 Throughout the ages, there have been so-called “private” revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong to the deposit of faith. It is not their role to improve or complete Christ’s definitive Revelation. Guided by the Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.

Christian faith cannot accept “revelations” that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfillment, as is the case in certain non-Christian religions and also in certain recent sects which base themselves on such “revelations”.

bt meme

Mary Carberry’s Bishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin also had something to say about the MDM ‘revelations’…


“Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.”

The messages being disseminated by Mary Carberry’s MDM Cult are in clear contradiction of Catholic Doctrine and of Holy Scripture.  Anyone who promotes her teachings is doing so in defiance of the authority personally granted by Jesus to His Apostles and their successor Bishops.  Those who ascribe to a heresy such as this are committing an act of MORTAL SIN and separating themselves from the unity and the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  


Will Church Doctrine be Liberalized by ‘Progressive’ Bishops?


When Jesus Ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, He left our Catholic Church in the capable hands of his Apostles and their successor Bishops and Popes. The authority was given to them to INTERPRET Church Doctrines NOT to Change the Basic Ground Rules of our Faith!


Some have suggested that the recent and upcoming Synods will have the effect of altering some of the basic tenets of our Faith such as the Indissoluble Nature of Sacramental Marriage or acceptance of clearly sinful behaviors such as Disordered Homosexual Relationships!

The fact is that to even SUGGEST such things would be effectively calling Jesus Christ A LIAR!

Jesus told Peter that he was the ROCK upon which the Catholic Church would secure its solid foundation and that indeed the Gates of Hell Would NEVER Prevail against the Church.  What Jesus was promising to all future generations was the INDEFECTIBILITY of our Faith until the end of time.  The Faith and the basic Doctrines are not open to debate or change – Doctrine DEFINES our Catholic Church and differentiates it from all other sects.  This is our Faith and we are PROUD to profess it in Christ Jesus.  Jesus made the rules – not any Synod or Progressive Bishops – and those basic Dogmatic Principles of the Catholic Faith BY DEFINITION can NEVER CHANGE!

So what can a Synod or a Church Council actually DO with regards to Church practices?  What CAN they CHANGE?

Well, on the issue of Sacramental Marriage, a change could be made to streamline the annulment process if a Marriage was deemed NOT VALID Sacramentally from the beginning.  This does NOT mean the willy nilly granting of annulments so that Catholics can divorce and re-marry AT WILL!  Nor does it mean they could receive the Holy Eucharist or ANY Sacrament of the Church while living in a state of Mortal Sinfulness!  The Church could just administratively make the process more clearly defined and maybe do a better job of catechesis and letting divorced Catholics know that they are still welcome at Mass even following a divorce.  Even those living in a sinful state are welcome to attend Mass and in fact they SHOULD still do so even if they are not Sacramentally eligible.  Jesus always has the power to work things out for these people, but one should NEVER close the door to Jesus’ intervention in their lives – even if we see an earthly situation as seemingly hopeless.   Never stop praying…

And we as a Church must also show the same welcoming attitude toward those who subscribe to a same-sex attraction.  Is it not just as sinful for two heterosexual people – a MAN and a WOMAN to co-habitate or to engage in disordered relations outside of Sacramental Marriage?  That sin is just as GRAVE as to practice homosexual sodomy.  But to have a TEMPTATION without actually engaging in a sinful action or without placing oneself in the OCCASION OF SIN – that is in fact no sin at all and such people are not restricted from Sacramental reception.  

So what are we saying here…

All are WELCOME…   All are WELCOME…  All are WELCOME  in this place…

ALL are welcome at Mass and in our Catholic Family…

ALL are welcome to accept Jesus’ grace of FORGIVENESS and MERCY…

“Go Now and Sin No More…”

There will always be those seeking to justify their sinfulness rather than trying to correct their behaviors.  Such people are the first to accuse the Church of RIGIDITY or lack of compassion for their ‘NEEDS’.  The Church will not and indeed CANNOT change to accommodate such individuals but we should always let them know that when they are ready – Jesus is always there in that tiny little room in the rear of the Church.  And his forgiveness is always there for them to humbly accept.  But the Church and its Doctrines are going nowhere and they are unchangeable.  There are always those who will choose to LEAVE THE CHURCH but the Catholic Church is Indefectible in its Faith and Morals and shall NEVER ABANDON US.

I will repost here an interview conducted by Raymond Arroyo on EWTN as a wrap-up of the recent Synod on the Family…

World Over - 2014-10-26 -Synod on the Family, Fr Gerald Murray Fr Robert Sirico with Raymond Arroyo


Our Catholic Church will NEVER Change her basic Dogmas in an effort to accommodate sin.  Jesus entrusted the Church and her leadership to the watchful guidance of the Holy Spirit and we must always trust in the governance of our Shepherds.  We can always have confidence in the spiritual integrity of our Faith.

Good Shepherd







Have you been reading all the articles lately in so-called ‘Respected Catholic Media Publications’ which tell us that the current Synod on the Family and our Holy Father Pope Francis are about to REVISE Catholic Doctrine in order to condone things like…




These are some of the recent headlines from just the past week…

Catholic media or Are They

‘The Remnant’ accuses Pope Francis of  “astonishing insults and denigration of… apostolic and ecclesiastical tradition.”

The same article has this description of the ongoing Synod on the Family…

“Let us call this Synod what it is: a secretive, manipulated, progressive-dominated cabal, led by septuagenarian and octogenarian diehards of the conciliar “renewal,” who are rushing to finish their “work”—so rudely interrupted by Pope Benedict—lest death release the Church from their clutches before they are quite done.”

John Henry Westen – Editor of Lifesite News

used his article to twist the comments of Pope Francis in an effort to DENIGRATE our Holy Pontiff and portray him as hostile to the Traditions of our Catholic Faith.

Even a renegade Catholic theologian named Kelly Bowring is getting into the act of ridiculing Our Holy Father in the form of a rudely inappropriate and disrespectful ‘OPEN LETTER’ in which he insinuates that Pope Francis may have intentions to alter Catholic Doctrines through ‘new pastoral concessions’.  

Dr. Kelly Bowring in the recent past has published a book… “The Great Battle Has Begun” which contained an


of the now CONDEMNED false seer and heretic Maria Divine Mercy.  

Mary McGovern Carberry a.k.a. MDM, runs a cyber-cult that is drawing hundreds of thousands of Catholics astray from their Faith!  

Bowring in his You Tube video questions whether Pope Francis is “the false prophet among us” and makes accusations against the Holy Father of apostasy and schism, and raises the possibility of an ‘invalid papacy’!

Kelly Bowring Open Letter to Pope Francis

Dr. Bowring claims that he is merely ‘Raising Questions’ regarding Pope Francis and whether he could in fact be the ‘false prophet’ of Revelation in league with the antichrist.  What Bowring is actually doing is expressing his obstinate doubt and lack of Holy Faith in the Authority of the Papacy in governance over the Church.  He is doubting the intrinsic AUTHORITY, INFALLIBILITY, and INDEFECTIBILITY of the Catholic Church.  To express that sort of doubt is nothing short of HERESY and SCHISM, which are the most serious of mortal sins against the Holy Spirit.

CCC 2089

“HERESY is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same”

“SCHISM is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.”

As Catholics we trust through Faith that the Holy Spirit will protect the Church and our Pope from Doctrinal Error.  This promise was given to us by Jesus Himself.  So to say that the Pope could ever alter the Doctrines of the Church or err in that regard is to accuse Jesus of being a liar!

Matthew 16:18
“And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and thegates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


Remnant headline against the pope

Is there indeed a HUGE CONSPIRACY against Pope Francis in an effort to incite schism among the Faithful and to discredit the Pope?

The Ruler has discovered some very questionable and dubious  connections between some of these journalistic and theological detractors against our Catholic Faith!



Whenever you see a questionable blog post or notice anyone on the internet who is critical of our Catholic Faith, the first thing to do is check out their Facebook friend list and ‘LIKES’.  Often it is very telling as to their motives and world-view!

For instance…  Here is what ‘The Ruler’ has discovered concerning the ‘CONNECTIONS’ of the editor of Lifesite News – a blog which is becoming notorious for its attacks against the Catholic Faith and our Holy Father!

Lifesite News Editor John-Henry Westen is friends on Facebook with an

MDM front group called StTherese Caregivers Mission

and also with another anti-papist editor at

‘The Remnant’ – Michael Matt 

who is also writing articles against the Synod and against the Pope!

fb friends

Westen  supports (likes on Facebook) the St. Therese Caregivers Mission which is a front for the MDM Cult!

FB connections

You can see by their avatar that the so-called ‘MISSION’ devoted to St. Therese is actually promoting an openly SCHISMATIC CYBER-SECT CULT which is promoting hostility towards Pope Francis and Catholic Faith!  But if you go to their website on the regular internet you will see that this group appears to be even more of a FRAUDULENT SCAM or certainly at least it is NOT a valid Catholic religious order!!!

The Title Header of the page seems innocent enough…

“St Therese of Little Flower’s Caregivers Mission in the Kingdom of God’s Divine Will…”

But scroll down the page a bit and you will notice the group is promoting Working from Home for extra income – still not anything too bad but look at the organization – or shall I say BUSINESS OPERATION – whom they are promoting…

SCREENSHOT from the site…

Work at Home scam st th caregvrs

Now follow the link on that page which takes you to a business front that has been affiliated with the allegedly questionable MLM network marketing group Melaleuca!  

And the Caregivers Mission has nothing to do with St. Therese either.  Rather it is the personal web blog of a self-proclaimed ‘spiritual director and business consultant’.   So it is an MLM business that is supporting the MDM CULT and the Editor of Life Site News ‘LIKES’ them on Facebook.  

It should also be noted that the MDM Cult’s primary motive appears to be the sale of overpriced books and religious paraphernalia at the expense of the Pope and Catholic Doctrines!!!

Melaleuca MLM scam


And Michael Matt from ‘The Remnant’ is not exactly acting saintly either with his support on Facebook of SSPX schismatics and also of a group which OPPOSES the beatification of Pope Paul VI !

synod article

 It is NO ACCIDENT that all these heretical cults and schismatic journalists and discredited theologians are working together to undermine our Catholic Church and Pope Francis!  

They are, in fact, CREATING the very schism that they claim to be SOUNDING THE ALARM about in their yellow-journalistic anti-Catholic RAGS!!!

Bowring schism

It is indeed NOT the Synod or Pope Francis who are attempting to cause a schism in the Church. It is the sedevacantist journalists and bloggers and renegade theologians like Kelly Bowring who are inciting division within the Church!

To deny the indefectibility of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and to incite distrust and OUTRIGHT HATRED towards Our Holy Father Pope Francis – the very one appointed by Jesus Himself to retain governance over our Faith – is nothing short of the MORTAL SIN OF HERESY!

Publications such as Life Site News and The Remnant have clearly crossed the line and should no longer be considered Faithful Catholic Publications, any more so than the anti-Catholic secular news outlets such as CNN or the Washington Post!  The Ruler urges all Faithful Catholics to BOYCOTT all of these IMPIOUS DISSIDENT garbage wrappers and to instead listen to the voice of the WISE SHEPHERDS whom Jesus has appointed as leaders of the Catholic Church – our Holy Father Pope Francis and the Bishops of the Magisterium.

 1 John 4:6

pope kissing baby



Holy Obedience to our Catholic Bishops…

When a private revelation such as those at Fatima, Lourdes, or Guadalupe receives the official approval of the Catholic Church then we have a choice…  we can either take it or leave it – because private revelations are NOT part of the Deposit of Faith and not necessary for our Eternal Salvation. But when a seer or their alleged ‘messages’ have been given a NEGATIVE judgment by the Local Bishop or by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) then we are bound under penalty of sin to be obedient to the official Decree of our Shepherds…

Canon 823

Just such a NEGATIVE ruling has been given by the Bishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin concerning the revelations of a woman in Ireland named Mary McGovern Carberry who refers to herself by the pen name of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’.

statement on mdm

It should also be noted that in this modern day the above Canon also clearly applies to ‘writings’ disseminated in ELECTRONIC form over the internet.  So not only has the MDM ‘Book of Truth’ been condemned as contrary to our Catholic Faith, but it would also be sinful for any Catholic to promote Carberry’s alleged ‘messages’ via the internet and social media channels.   The propagation in any form of materials which have been declared as heretical by the local bishop constitutes the serious sin of SCHISM.   The followers of the MDM Cult are placing their immortal souls in serious peril through their disobedience to the authority of the Church.

MDM condemned




SPIRITUAL CHICANERY: Slandering the Catholic Church via Black Masses and Internet Cults…

In the Name of the Almighty Dollar !

spiritual chicanery1

They seem to be everywhere these days, to all ends of the globe and what they tout is the end of the world or at least the IMMINENT Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  While other charlatans promote the DEVIL HIMSELF through an ‘EDUCATIONAL’ production of a mock Satanic Black Mass at a prestigious university in the United States!  The same Satanist group is also promoting the construction of a statue of Baphomet in a public square at the State Capitol in Oklahoma.  So what is the motivating factor for all these promoters of SPIRITUAL CHICHANERY.  I’ll give you Three Guesses …

$ $ and $ and a bit of personal egotistical pride thrown in for good measure!

Yes folks for only $666 you can have your own name emblazoned on the Satanic statue in Oklahoma.  For $1,200 Mr. Lucien Greaves will put your name at the TOP of the list of idiots who would contribute to his lame endeavor at blasphemy in the name of  FREE SPEECH!  (For $100,000 he will even make you your OWN statue 😉 

On Greaves’ website you will find items for sale which include of course TEE-SHIRTS !!!stemplewares


But if statues and bumper strips aren’t your cup of tea then there are aplenty of internet ‘visionaries’ claiming Jesus told them the only way to salvation is through purchase of their phony occult-tainted false ‘sacramentals’ such as a scapular featuring the MDM Cult’s Seal of the Living God or a medal depicting the ‘Mother of Salvation’ – a blasphemous portrayal of Our Blessed Lady CROWNED WITH THORNS!  And don’t forget to order your medals IN BULK so you can give the ‘gift of eternal salvation’ to all your friends too.  These medals are up for sale only in lots of 25 or more and will be sold for $1 apiece for the cheap tin charms which are actually not worth 2 cents!  And of course there is the Book of Truth (3 Volumes of  Heavenly Messages) to replace your old worn out Bible and a Crusade of Prayers to go along with it.  At last count, Mary Carberry’s ‘entity’ whom she claims is Jesus Himself, has given her through automatic writing, over 150 prayers which need to be recited on a daily basis for the redemption of all mankind!  That’s right…  according to the false seer MDM, Jesus did not redeem us completely through his death on the Cross and Resurrection – No… he needs us to ‘redeem ourselves’ by praying these fictitious Crusade Prayers and printing off a Red Paper Seal of the Living God from a site on the INTERNET!  The MDM Cult even has set up Facebook groups for its ‘faithful’ which slander Pope Francis and mock the Catholic Faith and will quickly and summarily BAN any individual who dares to discern or question the authenticity of Carberry’s schismatic ‘private revelations’.  Her revelations, by the way, have already been declared by the Dublin bishop to be contrary to Catholic Doctrines…

“Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.”

talkin jesus buy stuff

Friends… there is only ONE PATH to eternal Salvation and that path is through Jesus Christ who is present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist.  We can find Jesus in the Tabernacle of any Catholic Church in the world.  We do not need the help of these modern day scam artists to assure our place in Heaven!  And while I respect each American’s First Amendment Constitutional rights, those rights do not protect the HATE SPEECH inherent in a ‘Black Mass’ which mocks the Divinity of Jesus Christ and reeks of religious BIGOTRY directed not only at those of the Catholic Faith but all those who hold to the belief in a Divine Creator.

I hold no sympathy for those who would seek to profit from insults upon the Vicar of Christ or Blessed Mother, or who would trample upon the beliefs of the Catholic Church or any Faith group.  The Catholic Mass and the Holy Eucharist are an expression of Jesus’ deep love for all of humanity and of His Infinite Mercy for all of us.   To reject and desecrate that supreme act of mercy and love, by the performance of a satanic black mass, is an act of Hatred and Violence no different from the manner of evil which led to the Nazi Holocaust.  As a civilized and free society, we must never condone such an nefarious display of hatred by spiritual opportunists in the name of  tolerance.  Follow whatever beliefs you want but DON’T TRASH MINE!