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LOVE is the Message of Pope Francis for the People of the United States of America…

Hate Ignorance Intolerance Love

Here is the message of Pope Francis… so why don’t all the bigots listen!!!! Families are being torn apart and forced to suffer under current US policies – fathers being thrown in jail and separated from their families – children from their parents! We have to solve our immigration problems but do it in a way which demonstrates COMPASSION for our fellow man and love of others!

Only LOVE and respect for the HUMAN DIGNITY of all people will overcome the divisions, hatred, and intolerance in our society and our World…


Sophie Cruz Meets Pope Francis

Sophie Cruz Beaming with JOY as she has the opportunity to receive a Blessing from Pope Francis along his parade route


‘The Ruler’ REPORTS!!! Maria Divine Mercy

NEW VIDEO FROM ‘The Ruler’ !!!!!!!

Ruler Reports mdm

‘The Ruler’ has discovered that ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, the secret Irish ‘prophet’ and self-proclaimed visionary, opened an account on Facebook in June of 2010.  That date was a FULL FIVE MONTHS  B – E – F – O – R – E  she began receiving her alleged Heavenly messages from Jesus and Blessed Mother!  The account is registered in the name of MariaDivine.Mercy as can be determined at the following website…

graphfb MariaDivineMercy

We can positively determine that the account was opened in JUNE of 2010 because the Account ID number correlates with the date on which the account was opened on Facebook.  

The following CHART was referenced from the website of noted Ph.D. Data Scientist Massoud Seifi.  As you can see, the Account ID number for MariaDivine.Mercy is…

“id”: “100001157648678”

which corresponds to an account ‘Join Date’ between May 17th and June 8th of 2010…

MDM Join Date

YES !!!!

A FULL FIVE MONTHS PRIOR TO Maria Divine Mercy receiving her very FIRST alleged ‘message’ from Jesus!

Book of Truth


Book of Truth Introduction

Actually… here is the message on November 12, 2010 where ‘jesus’ first instructed Mary McGovern Carberry to publish her Book of Truth Messages…

nov 12


But the account which is registered on Facebook to…

“first_name”: “Maria Divine”         “last_name”: “Mercy”

was opened way back in JUNE of 2010


Something is ROTTEN in Dublin!!!!!

Is Mary McGovern Carberry a LIAR and a FRAUD?




Will Church Doctrine be Liberalized by ‘Progressive’ Bishops?


When Jesus Ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, He left our Catholic Church in the capable hands of his Apostles and their successor Bishops and Popes. The authority was given to them to INTERPRET Church Doctrines NOT to Change the Basic Ground Rules of our Faith!


Some have suggested that the recent and upcoming Synods will have the effect of altering some of the basic tenets of our Faith such as the Indissoluble Nature of Sacramental Marriage or acceptance of clearly sinful behaviors such as Disordered Homosexual Relationships!

The fact is that to even SUGGEST such things would be effectively calling Jesus Christ A LIAR!

Jesus told Peter that he was the ROCK upon which the Catholic Church would secure its solid foundation and that indeed the Gates of Hell Would NEVER Prevail against the Church.  What Jesus was promising to all future generations was the INDEFECTIBILITY of our Faith until the end of time.  The Faith and the basic Doctrines are not open to debate or change – Doctrine DEFINES our Catholic Church and differentiates it from all other sects.  This is our Faith and we are PROUD to profess it in Christ Jesus.  Jesus made the rules – not any Synod or Progressive Bishops – and those basic Dogmatic Principles of the Catholic Faith BY DEFINITION can NEVER CHANGE!

So what can a Synod or a Church Council actually DO with regards to Church practices?  What CAN they CHANGE?

Well, on the issue of Sacramental Marriage, a change could be made to streamline the annulment process if a Marriage was deemed NOT VALID Sacramentally from the beginning.  This does NOT mean the willy nilly granting of annulments so that Catholics can divorce and re-marry AT WILL!  Nor does it mean they could receive the Holy Eucharist or ANY Sacrament of the Church while living in a state of Mortal Sinfulness!  The Church could just administratively make the process more clearly defined and maybe do a better job of catechesis and letting divorced Catholics know that they are still welcome at Mass even following a divorce.  Even those living in a sinful state are welcome to attend Mass and in fact they SHOULD still do so even if they are not Sacramentally eligible.  Jesus always has the power to work things out for these people, but one should NEVER close the door to Jesus’ intervention in their lives – even if we see an earthly situation as seemingly hopeless.   Never stop praying…

And we as a Church must also show the same welcoming attitude toward those who subscribe to a same-sex attraction.  Is it not just as sinful for two heterosexual people – a MAN and a WOMAN to co-habitate or to engage in disordered relations outside of Sacramental Marriage?  That sin is just as GRAVE as to practice homosexual sodomy.  But to have a TEMPTATION without actually engaging in a sinful action or without placing oneself in the OCCASION OF SIN – that is in fact no sin at all and such people are not restricted from Sacramental reception.  

So what are we saying here…

All are WELCOME…   All are WELCOME…  All are WELCOME  in this place…

ALL are welcome at Mass and in our Catholic Family…

ALL are welcome to accept Jesus’ grace of FORGIVENESS and MERCY…

“Go Now and Sin No More…”

There will always be those seeking to justify their sinfulness rather than trying to correct their behaviors.  Such people are the first to accuse the Church of RIGIDITY or lack of compassion for their ‘NEEDS’.  The Church will not and indeed CANNOT change to accommodate such individuals but we should always let them know that when they are ready – Jesus is always there in that tiny little room in the rear of the Church.  And his forgiveness is always there for them to humbly accept.  But the Church and its Doctrines are going nowhere and they are unchangeable.  There are always those who will choose to LEAVE THE CHURCH but the Catholic Church is Indefectible in its Faith and Morals and shall NEVER ABANDON US.

I will repost here an interview conducted by Raymond Arroyo on EWTN as a wrap-up of the recent Synod on the Family…

World Over - 2014-10-26 -Synod on the Family, Fr Gerald Murray Fr Robert Sirico with Raymond Arroyo


Our Catholic Church will NEVER Change her basic Dogmas in an effort to accommodate sin.  Jesus entrusted the Church and her leadership to the watchful guidance of the Holy Spirit and we must always trust in the governance of our Shepherds.  We can always have confidence in the spiritual integrity of our Faith.

Good Shepherd






Maria Divine Mercy: My brother has gone missing, not geographically but mentally

“Dialogue Ireland is an independent trust that works to promote awareness and understanding of religious issues and cultism in Ireland.”

You can contact Dialogue Ireland via

dialogue ireland

Dialogue Ireland

We are happy to publish the testimony of a family member about the loss of affection and connection with their loved one… It is also the loss of relationship and engagement… Send us your story too….

Mary at wedding May 31 2014

Maria Divine Mercy

I have a family member which has become under the influence of the Mary Carberry/prophecies.

View original post 320 more words

Mary Carberry’s Alien Occult New Age ‘jesus’…

The MDM saga began like any second-rate horror movie… From the introduction to ‘The Book of Truth’

“It was 3am on Nov. 9th, 2010 when Maria woke up suddenly.  No sooner had she looked at the time, glowing in red from the digital clock beside her bed, did she became aware that her body felt different… weightless… a sizzling sensation in her stomach… Then switching on her bedside lamp a series of powerful emotions, both physical and spiritual, surged like an electrical current throughout her entire body… she sat up and was immediately drawn to a pic of  ‘Jesus’ on the locker beside her bed.”
Sananda (Master Jesus) by Nanette Crist Johnson - a New Age artiste

Sananda (Master Jesus) by Nanette Crist Johnson – a New Age artiste

“The face in the image began to change… the image of  ‘Jesus’ smiled at her and his lips began to move as if He was speaking…”

This picture of Jesus is displayed for veneration by attendees at the promotional ‘Book of Truth Seminars’ being held at various locations around the world which are presented by retired Irish dentist Breffni a.k.a. Joseph Gabriel Cully.  The following photograph was taken during the Chicago event last September 2013…

'Joseph Gabriel' with the talking 'jesus' picture at Chicago Book of Truth Seminar

‘Joseph Gabriel’ with the talking ‘jesus’ picture at Chicago Book of Truth Seminar

“And somebody gave me a picture of Jesus. It was a battered picture, it was just propped there, and I Iooked and to my absolute amazement, em (sigh), his face came out and, and…just… came alive and his mouth started to move and I knew he was speaking but he didn’t say anything. I couldn’t hear anything. And I had an old envelope beside my bed so I grabbed it and I found a pen, I knew he wanted to communicate. And that first message was…I…I think it was three o’clock in the morning, fast asleep, and next minute out this message came, and, it was just extraordinary…”   ~  Mary McGovern Carberry radio interview with “As The Spirit Leads” on WTMR


Now usually when a devout Catholic receives a private revelation such as this it is a very peaceful and prayerful experience, but Carberry stated that she was ‘trembling’ with ‘tears pouring down her face’ and that the light around the image of Jesus ‘drained her of energy’.

And here is how Mary C. describes receiving her very first ‘message’ from her Jesus…

“Grabbing an old envelope and plucking a pen beside her bed the words began to form in her mind…  She wrote down what she heard as it was dictated to her… each word formed clearly, precisely and without pause as her pen touched the paper… The message dictated to her, contained 745 words and it took exactly 7 minutes to write the message word for word from beginning to end.”

This is not a description of the ‘ecstasy’ of a Faithful Catholic visionary like St. Bernadette or the Fatima children… rather it more resembles the occult practice known as AUTOMATIC WRITING which is against the Catechism and Doctrines of the Catholic Church!  

 So if this is really Jesus communicating with Mary Carberry (MDM), then why is He utilizing practices which are against Church teachings??? Maybe because… IT ISN’T ACTUALLY JESUS AT ALL BUT A NEW AGE IMPOSTER KNOWN AS SANANDA! Is this indeed the prayer card which allegedly ‘spoke’ to the mind of Mary Carberry on that fateful morning at 3am? The text in the advertisement for these New Age occult prayer cards states the following… “Sananda’s Meditation Cards by the artist Nanette Crist Johnson… with the Sananda Meditation Technique as taught by Alexandriah Stahr – author of Spiritual Discernment: Sananda’s Heart Initiation

Screen clip from the website of Alexandriah Stahr referenced by the link...

Screen clip from the website of Alexandriah Stahr referenced by the link…

Are you getting the picture yet folks?  This is NOT the Jesus that we as Catholics Worship!

Sananda also known as ‘Ascended Master Jesus’, is a PHONY NEW AGE FRAUD!!!

Anyone who worships this graven image is committing a serious SIN against the First Commandment and the penalty for such a mortal sin is automatic excommunication!

Now a bit of history on the origin of the Ascended Masters… The entity known as “Master Jesus” or Sananda began with the teachings of a 19th century woman named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – founder of the Theosophical Society and author of the book The Secret Doctrine which Adolf Hitler reportedly kept at his bedside for frequent reference… Blavatsky-Theosophical-Society

“Hitler seemed to have favored Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine above other books he had.” “Among the books was one that Hitler often kept by his bedside, the occult standard “The Secret Doctrine” by Madame Helen P. Blavatsky (Kubizek). Hitler kept a copy of Blavatsky’s ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by his bedside, ever since being introduced to its teachings by Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer (Adolf Hitler, The Occult Messiah, Gerald Suster, 1981)” 

It is interesting that the first ‘message’ allegedly received by MDM from her ‘jesus’ (at her bedside) was channeled to her through a talking picture resembling Jesus Christ but actually was a prayer card of the New Age Theosophical figure known as Sananda – one of the so-called Ascended Masters. Mary McGovern Carberry is not the first so-called Catholic mystic to espouse New Age teachings.  Tomislav Vlasic,  a defrocked priest who was the spiritual counselor for the Medjugorje visionaries, is part of a cult in Italy known as the Central Nucleus which promotes nonsense about aliens, channeling and other New Age Theosophical concepts.  It should be noted that the alleged apparitions by the six Medjugorje seers have NEVER been condoned officially by the Catholic Magisterium and in fact seer Ivan has been ordered by the Vatican Nuncio to cease promoting his ‘apparitions’ within the United States.  We await the final judgment by Pope Francis regarding the Medjugorje private revelations.  For now Catholics should use caution in their discernment. As for the Maria Divine Mercy revelations of Mary McGovern Carberry, the Catholic Church has spoken out firmly against the false new age seer.  Her Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has issued the following condemnation on behalf of the Magisterium… statement on mdm  

‘Visionary’s’ business partner ‘goes ballistic!’

Confesses: Mary Carberry IS Maria Divine Mercy!

SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE ASKED FOR PROOF OF Martin Roth’s comments naming Mary Carberry as the MDM visionary and his discussion of her automatic writing and occult practices.  The blog comments have since been removed by Hr. Roth but the following is a copy of the original German text of that post…

Original German Text of Letter as posted by Martin Roth on his blog, in which he names ‘Mary’ as the MDM ‘prophetess’… 

Martin Roth ltr Informationen für Zweifler und Kritiker – diewarnungs Webseite! 

critical updates2 pic

Posted Feb. 17, 2014 on Midway Street

An Irish ‘visionary’s’ empire is dismantling.  On Feb. 4, Heinrich Martin Roth, German business partner of the ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy, posted a 30-page ‘rant’ on his website reacting to a flier distributed by German Catholic publishers Miriam-Verlag…  READ FULL ARTICLE


Mary and Coleman

Maria Divine Mercy Linked to Controversial Irish Clairvoyant Joe Coleman!

In the Midwaystreet account of “Mary Carberry’s journey into the world of vision-making”, it is correctly pointed out that there are two public versions of how MDM began her odyssey of delivering what she considers heavenly prophesies leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  These are the Introduction to “The Book of Truth” and the Interview which Mrs. Carberry granted to the Philadelphia radio program ‘As the Spirit Leads’ There is, however, a story that she is carefully keeping hidden from public scrutiny    (continue reading…)

Monday, January 27, 2014

A New MDM For-Profit Company: Blasphemous Medals!

The new MDM Cult ‘Medal of Salvation’ promises salvation via the wearing of a piece of cheap jewelry in place of the Catholic and Biblical Doctrine that Eternal Salvation may only come through Jesus Christ – his Passion, Death on the Cross, and Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Jesus Christ is the ONLY valid means of Salvation.  This latest blasphemy from Mary McGovern Carberry and Co. also is due to feature Our Blessed Mother CROWNED WITH THORNS … in clear MOCKERY of Revelation 12:1 and of our Catholic Church.
Maria Divine Mercy Cult1


Could the MDM Cult be an arm of the Rosicrucians or Masons?






There are two groups of heretics trying to undermine and divide the Catholic Church….

Read More…

Catechism Quiz for Dr. Kelly Bowring…

According to Catholic teachings, is it possible to remain in Full Communion with the Catholic Faith while at the same time defending the ‘PLAUSIBILITY’ of a Private Revelation which claims that Pope Francis is ‘wicked’ and a ‘false prophet’ as has been alleged by the ‘messages’ of Maria Divine Mercy’s entity?

Back in Catholic elementary school I remember our Religion tests where we would be given a long list of questions to memorize about basic Catholic teachings.  I wonder if theologian Dr. Kelly Bowring still remembers the answers to these quiz questions regarding the Marks and Attributes of our Church…

(in light of his recent comments regarding Maria Divine Mercy and other unapproved private revelations)

Let’s explore what the Catholic Church teaches on this subject based on the old reliable Baltimore Catechism

1. Which is the one true Church established by Christ?

The one true Church established by Christ is the Catholic Church.

2. How do we know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Christ?

We know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Christ because it alone has the marks of the true Church.

3. What are the chief marks of the Church?

The chief marks of the Church are four: It is One, Holy, Catholic or universal, and Apostolic.

4. Why is the Catholic Church one?

The Catholic Church is one because all its members, according to the will of Christ, profess the same faith, have the same sacrifice and sacraments, and are united under one and the same visible head, the Pope.

In this way, the Catholic Church possesses the mark of Unity.  Other sects and cults are separated from the unity of Christ by their rejection of the authority invested by Him in the Roman Pontiff, the successor to Saint Peter.

Any person who deliberately denies even one of the doctrines of the Church cannot be a Catholic. The Church is one in faith.

Also it is the Church that has the authority to determine points of worship in non-essential matters (such as approval of new Sacramentals like Holy medals or ‘cough cough’ … seals).

Catholics are subject to the authority of their bishops who rule them and they are obliged to recognize the supreme authority of the Pope in matters of religion. Any person who deliberately refuses to accept the legitimate and supreme authority of the Pope and the bishops in matters of religion cannot be a Catholic.

5. Why is the Catholic Church holy?

The Catholic Church is holy because it was founded by Jesus Christ, who is all-holy, and because it teaches, according to the will of Christ…

6. Why is the Catholic Church catholic or universal?

The Catholic Church is catholic or universal because, destined to last for all time, it never fails to fulfill the divine commandment to teach all nations all the truths revealed by God.

Catholicity is a mark of the Church because Christ commissioned His apostles to go forth and make disciples of all nations, and to teach all that He had commanded. Christ further promised to be with them all days, even to the end of time.  Jesus appointed his Apostles and their successor Bishops and the Pope to be our teachers.

The Church today teaches the same doctrine it received from Christ. It has existed uninterruptedly since the day it was established down to the present time.

Other Christian sects which began later have made changes in the doctrines of Christ without any divine authorization.

7. Why is the Catholic Church apostolic?

The Catholic Church is apostolic because it was founded by Christ on the apostles and, according to His divine will, has always been governed by their lawful successors.

The true Church is apostolic because it is the Church Christ founded upon the Apostles, and especially upon Peter whom He called the Rock on which the Church would be built. The supreme power of Saint Peter in the Church has been passed down through the unbroken line of his successors in the See of Rome.

8. How do we know that no other church but the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ?

We know that no other church but the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ because no other church has these four marks.

All other churches lack essential unity. They recognize no authority in religious matters vested in an individual who is the vicar of Christ.  They are not guided by objective Truths given to the world by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

No other Christian sect can trace its origin to the Apostles.

The Greek Orthodox or Schismatic Church began in the ninth century with its rejection of the authority of the Pope.  The Protestant churches began in the sixteenth century when their founders, rejecting certain doctrines of faith, broke away from Catholic unity.

9. What are the chief attributes of the Catholic Church?

The chief attributes of the Catholic Church are authority, infallibility, and indefectibility. They are called attributes because they are qualities perfecting the nature of the Church.

10. What is meant by the authority of the Catholic Church?

By the authority of the Catholic Church is meant that the Pope and the bishops, as the lawful successors of the apostles, have power from Christ Himself to teach, to sanctify, and to govern the faithful in spiritual matters.

Christ Himself gave this authority to Saint Peter and the other apostles when He bestowed the power of binding and loosing, of teaching and baptizing. He implicitly guaranteed the same power to the successors of the Apostles when He promised to be with them all days, even to the consummation of the world.

11. What is meant by the infallibility of the Catholic Church? 

By the infallibility of the Catholic Church is meant that the Church, by the special assistance of the Holy Ghost, cannot err when it teaches or believes a doctrine of faith or morals.

It is unthinkable that an institution established by God for the salvation of souls could lead men into error and turn them away from God. If the Church could and did err in matters of faith or morals it would not be a true teacher; it would fail in its ministry of sanctification and would not lead men to salvation but would be responsible for their condemnation.

The Church cannot change its defined teachings on faith and morals though it may restate them more clearly and more completely.

We know that the Church is infallible in matters of faith or morals because Christ promised that He would be with the apostles and their successors in their work of teaching until the end of time. It would be impossible for Christ to be with the official teachers of the Church and permit them to teach error.

12. When does the Church teach infallibly? 

The Church teaches infallibly when it defines, through the Pope alone, as the teacher of all Christians, or through the Pope and the bishops, a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by all the faithful.

The Pope can teach without speaking infallibly.

Catholics must accept such teachings, not on faith, but in obedience to the authority of the Pope and in respect for his wisdom.

13. What is meant by the indefectibility of the Catholic Church? 

By the indefectibility of the Catholic Church is meant that the Church, as Christ founded it, will last until the end of time.

This indefectibility of the Church is in conformity with the will of Christ, who promised to be with His Church until the end of time.

14. Are all obliged to belong to the Catholic Church in order to be saved? 

All are obliged to belong to the Catholic Church in order to be saved.

No one can be saved without sanctifying grace, and the Catholic Church alone is the divinely established means by which grace is brought to the world and the full fruits of Our Lord’s Redemption are applied to men.

15. Can they be saved who remain outside the Catholic Church because they do not know it is the true Church?

Those who are outside the Church through no fault of their own are not culpable in the sight of God because of their invincible ignorance, but we as Faithful Catholics have the duty and obligation of charity to do all we can to lead others to salvation.

Dr. Bowring, you are in an influencial position as a respected Catholic theologian and many people look to you when discerning the authenticity and Catholicity of purported private revelations.  While the Bishop is the final authority in determining Church position on such matters, it is certainly within your obligation of catechesis and charity to warn the Faithful of the Doctrinal contradictions of a private revelation which claims that the Pope is a false prophet and denies the basic premises of the authority and indefectibility of our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church guided by our bishops and led by the successor of St. Peter and Vicar of Christ Pope Francis. I would hope you would use your position to speak out against the heresies of the Maria Divine Mercy Cult and also that you would consider a strongly worded retraction of any statements you have made in the past which could lend any semblance of credibility or plausibility to the schism being instigated by the MDM Cult.  

It is impossible to say that one is supporting the Pope while at the same time defending the plausibility of a cult which denies and mocks Papal authority and the indefectibility of our Church.  To do so puts one outside of Unity and Communion with the Catholic Faith.  It is a grave sin to even give the appearance of support for heresy.

Defend Pope Francis !