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Re: U.S. Elections – A Desperate Plea from the Editor of ‘The Ruler’…

As a Faithful Catholic respectful of the rights and human dignity of all persons and as a Freedom Loving United States Citizen, I must speak out in DISGUST and DISMAY over the degradation of the moral character of our nation by one Donald J. Trump!

Trump pics


This year ABORTION and GAY MARRIAGE are not the key issues in the United States Presidential Race. CIVIL RIGHTS has once again come to the forefront of our national consciousness and indeed OUR CHILDREN may have to once again fight against the pre-Selma intolerances of the 1960s!

As I drove my kids to school this morning we were discussing how so many of my children’s friends had PARENTS who were supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming election and how all the young people including my 2 voting age daughters are largely backing Bernie Sanders – a man who fought alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was even himself ARRESTED during the peaceful protests against racial prejudices in the United States.

Bernie Sanders arrest

The younger generation does not UNDERSTAND the language of RACISM and INTOLERANCE. They do not even remember segregation or people openly calling others the ‘N’ word. My 14 and 17 year olds told me that I didn’t just need to yap on social media complaining about Trump, rather I needed to lecture some of the moms in the school carpool line who were SUPPORTING HIM!!! And, by the way, my children attend a CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL!


How can we attempt to teach our children not to engage in cyber bullying when at the same time we as parents are VOTING FOR A MAN FOR PRESIDENT who engages in precisely that bad behavior – sending out racist, intolerant and offensive tweets to bash his political opponents and even violently ejecting and arresting African American citizens who dared to exercise their First Amendment rights during a Trump rally!


How loudly do I need to scream it…


I issue this desperate plea to all Americans planning to vote in the upcoming Republican primaries…

Please do not usher in a MADMAN as leader of the Free World who advocates policies which would openly discriminate against and persecute religious minorities, women, and certain immigrant Ethnicities and Nationalities.   Many in our nation’s past have given their very LIVES to overcome such Racist and Nativistic Intolerance!  From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr. to the millions who sacrificed their lives in the US Civil War in the 19th Century to the brave soldiers who died defending our freedom and liberty in the face of Nazi fascist aggression during World War II…


Most of those who are alive today no longer remember the lessons we learned in our World’s past and that is regrettable for as Santayana wisely cautioned…

If we do not learn our HISTORY and take heed of the mistakes and lessons of our forefathers then it will be our CHILDREN who will suffer and OUR CHILDREN who will be forced to live through the horrors once again and OUR CHILDREN who will again be called upon to restore integrity and moral sanity to our World!

Let’s not put such an undue burden on the Millennials of the New American Century!

‘The Ruler’ calls upon Americans to elect a president who represents the values and ideals of moral integrity which our nation was founded upon, not a XENOPHOBIC BIGOTED TYRANT who seeks only to MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN!

childs drawing Rubio

Photo (drawing) Credit to 6 yr. old Camille from Sarasota, Florida

‘The Ruler’ is not officially endorsing but this little girl is giving you pretty good guidance.