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We Love You Pope Francis !

Pope John Paul II taught us that it is okay to be a Pope of the People!

(Repost of article First Published July 23, 2014)

I still remember how Pope John Paul II greeted the throngs of college students who crowded onto the USC Horseshoe to get a glimpse of this courageous Polish Pope who would soon play a decisive role in the peaceful downfall of the communist ‘evil empire’ in Europe.  He greeted us amid the loud and enthusiastic roar of the students

“John – Paul – II, We – Love – You!”

And the pontiff raised his voice a bit as he responded back to us (he had no choice because the students were cheering so loud – LOL) … 

“It is true. John Paul II, he loves you,”

“It is wonderful to be young. It is wonderful to be young and a student of a university. It is wonderful to be young and a student of the University of South Carolina.”

PJP collage

It is this same brand of personal charm and charisma that Pope Francis has exuded which is bringing so many Catholics, young and old, back to their Faith and drawing millions around the world to admire his shining example of the Christian spirit of charity and compassion for all humanity – indeed – for all God’s Children.

Pope Francis has truly become a Media Sensation who has captured the heart of the World.  He is even comfortable taking selfies with the young people he meets during his travels.  Not something you would normally expect from a snooty world-leader type.  But this Pope is not like that.  He is a regular guy – a human being just like us and he doesn’t try to be anything higher or mightier than us.  This  technology savvy pope is an internet and social media pro sending out regular tweets on @Pontifex and posting his current pics on ‘The Pope App‘.

Pope App pic

“The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.” —Pope Francis

Some would lobby against and criticize Pope Francis for his casual and personable style, the way he gets out with the ordinary people  – even the poor and the sinners and tries to respond, as Jesus surely would have, to their individual human needs.  He kisses little children and washes feet of those whom society has rejected.  

As we come to know our new Holy Father – we are witnessing the many similarities between Pope Francis and newly Canonized Saint John Paul The Great, both of whom mirrored the Love of Jesus with a personal style, charity, and openness that seems to radiate to all of humanity what Christianity is really all about.  Just as Jesus sat down an enjoyed dinner with sinners, befriended tax collectors, and comforted lepers – now we see Pope Francis showing that same oneness and solidarity with his flock.  He is truly a Good Shepherd to us all…

pope people

 Yes indeed, we have another Pope of the People and We Love Pope Francis 🙂