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Fr. John Abberton is a Catholic Exorcist priest in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  He has offered spiritual counsel and treatment to 4 people who had fallen into the trap of the false and indeed DEMONIC private revelations of Mary McGovern Carberry and her Maria Divine Mercy Cult.

demonic sea2l

The following is Fr. John Abberton’s testimony…

Regarding the messages of “Maria Divine Mercy”

 1 April 2015

 “I am a priest exorcist of 15 years experience. I have permission to share these things.

The so-called “messages” of Maria Divine Mercy are false. Lately I have been trying to help a lady who used to read these false messages. This lady has been possessed by many demons. I cannot say how many. I have had many sessions with her, in the presence of another priest and a lay woman who are witnesses to what I have to say.

This person came to me shortly after she had stopped reading those false messages. The reason she stopped was that she felt “spiritually dead” in spite of saying the prayers recommended by the messages, including the Rosary, and she realised that she was not growing in faith etc. She felt unhappy about this and was strangely ill at ease. As soon as she stopped she was attacked by a demon. She felt its presence and then she realised that she needed help.

When she came to me, it seemed that there were other problems – problems that had been there before she began reading those messages. We have still not got to the bottom of those.

At one session I prayed specifically against any spirits that had come into her through Maria Divine Mercy. At this she began to jerk furiously in her chair and was thrown onto the floor where she rolled around and started to cry out. As I knelt down beside her I prayed against the Jezebel spirit – a spirit associated with false prophecy. When I did this, the women’s eyes flashed at me and stared straight at me with a definite look of anger. We needed more sessions. At one she was delivered of something quite “big” and as she went home she said, “Now I am happy about Pope Francis”.

I Understand that whilst she was reading these “messages”, she painted a picture which she believed she had been inspired to paint. She hung it up in her little boy’s bedroom. After this the boy was disturbed every night. The disturbances stopped after she tore up the picture and burnt it. After that the child slept soundly.

These and other things are conclusive proof for me that the “messages” of Maria Divine Mercy are demonically inspired.

Fr. John Abberton
Fr. John Abberton

This lady is one of four people who have contacted me because they had spiritual problems through reading these so-called messages. One other person told me he needed my help because he “felt bad”, another told me he had been “attacked” when he decided to stop reading the messages.

There are other indications regarding these so-called “messages” which should be noted. First of all, where demons are involved in promoting false mysticism, visions and locutions, it is possible that there could be more than one demon involved. Demons working together take on different tasks. One may encourage addiction or dependency. The presence or activity of such a demon could be one reason why so many seem unable to break free from such things. There may also be a spirit of anger present which might explain why some adherents are unable to deal with negative questions and simply become angry.

In judging such things as this, it is important to be rigorous. Many people, when challenged say things like, “But we are told to say the Rosary. Surely that can’t be wrong”. If it was a simple as that many other false apparitions and locutions would have been accepted. Many people do not realize that after St. Bernadette saw Our Lady there was a sizeable number of other reported apparitions at the grotto by other girls. None of the others were ever accepted as genuine. The false messages and apparitions of “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel of The Holy Face” which originated in Spain, along with other false so-called mystical events may well have been accompanied by apparent requests to pray the Rosary, but where demonic falsehood is at the root of such things, such Rosaries are lacking, since they have been requested by demons. God looks at the heart and will always be merciful to those who are caught in falsehood through no fault of their own, but it is important to know that prayer needs to be offered in accordance with God’s Will otherwise it will hardly be true prayer. It must come from the heart, and the mind needs to be informed by the teachings of the Church.  Where there is an honest search for truth and a desire to pray, God will act according to His Mercy, but we have to be clear that simply focusing on the Rosary or even Eucharistic Adoration as some kind of authentication for supposed mystical events is not enough.

Traditionally we look at the fruits, and according to Holy Scripture these will be seen especially in daily life and in the way we treat one another. Many people apparently spend many hours in prayer, but are mentally disturbed and may be classed as suffering from “religious mania”. We do not know how God judges such prayer.  Much prayer is called for, but it must be prayer in union with the Will of God which is normally discerned in the life of the Church, that is, in union with the Pope and the Magisterium and according to the teachings of Scripture and Tradition. When we depart from these we are open to deception and confusion.

In the spiritual life there must always be balance. We cannot focus too much on mystical events or experiences, and we should never listen to “prophets of doom”. Messages that come from God bring a sense of peace even if the messages are very serious. Continued agitation is not a good sign. Also, some people who think they know better than others (know more about the supposed future for example) can quickly become arrogant and overbearing. We must always remember that the most important thing about the spiritual life is to seek God’s Will in our daily lives. It is wrong to be continually thinking about what “might” happen when there are problems and needs under our noses. There is a danger that focusing on so-called messages can be an escape from responsibilities and problems that we are unwilling to face.

One of the aspects of this kind of situation where people become too readily accepting of so-called “messages” from God is a lack of knowledge of Holy Scripture. To take one example, the mention of a thousand year reign of Christ in the Book of Revelation. The number 1,000 in Jewish theology is symbolic of “Divinity” and so should not be taken literally. In fact the Magisterium has declared Millenarianism a heresy.

Some people who claim to see visions or “hear” locutions are mentally ill. Others are quite sane but have a strong imagination which may have become active in this way due to stress, illness or confusion or deception, especially if someone else has been involved who is making similar claims. In my view the worst case if that of someone deliberately creating a false vision or message either for the sake of money or to gain some twisted form of fame. Where such a person is deliberately creating false messages we have someone who is in very great spiritual danger.

There are undoubtedly genuine mystics and prophets in the world. Usually they have good spiritual directors who submit to Church authority. Discerning these matters is never easy, and sometimes mistakes are made, but when we see serious theological problems, prophecies which do not come true and a spirit of anger or obstinacy we can be sure that something is seriously wrong. In cases like that it is wiser to back away than to continue reading or supporting the supposed mystic.”

‘The Ruler’ is pleased to hear that the MDM Warning Second Coming website and Facebook page and groups are no longer active online, however, thousands of Catholics who have fallen victim to this spiritually dangerous cult are now left in a state of confusion and abandonment.


Know that you always have a SAFE and SECURE REFUGE to come home to where Jesus is always present to you in the Holy Eucharist and His Mercy and Love are always available in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

You can always seek refuge in the Catholic Church which was given to us by Jesus Himself and Jesus promised us that our Catholic Church will be with us – INDEFECTIBLE – until the end of time.   Jesus also appointed His Apostles and their successors (our Bishops and Pope Francis) to guide and shepherd our Church.  

1 John 4:6

“We are of God. He that knoweth God, heareth us. He that is not of God, heareth us not. By this we know the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.”

St. John is speaking here in his letter about (‘WE’) the Apostles who were the very first BISHOPS within the Catholic Church.  The Spirit of Truth comes only through the rightful authority of the Magisterium of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  That authority was granted by Jesus Himself to His Apostles and their successors.  Those who hear and are obedient to the authority of the Church are indeed showing their Reverence and Obedience to Jesus.  We ‘knoweth God’ through His Catholic Church!  


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  1. You are all in bed with the false prophet May God have mercy on your miserable souls .You ignorant man little do you know that Francis is the Anti-Pope mentioned in Revelation 13 and for ward he is here to dismantle the holy catholic Church piece by piece .How can you say to me to trust a Mason the enemy of Jesus Christ who hates him and pretends to be Him? Let me ask you a question where did you see in the holy Word of God written permission for the Gospel to be changed .Has God now changed His Holy mind after all this years? does God condone Sodomy and other deadly sins? why are you leading the people of God to hell? You brag that you have close us down and I tell you that for each site you shut down 10 more will be open .We will not be defeated we will rise up stronger than before .Our Lord is our Trinitary God and not satan and only to God we pay our allegiance..

  2. Hi Rosa…If we had any doubts before that demons were involved with this movement..they’ve all been banished now after reading your post. In fact if I hadn’t known you I would have swore it was a demon that wrote the above post…..”Miserable souls” “Ignorant little man” ” Francis is the Anti-Pope” Oh dear!

    And no the gospel hasn’t been changed…and no the Church doesn’t condone Sodomy.

    Mary Carberry closed down the warning second coming blog Rosa because she had been uncovered for the fraud that she is. She’s left you high and dry. It’s about time you realised it.

    May the Risen Christ open your eyes.

  3. Rosa Lopez: No one has permission to change the Gospels. Pope Francis hasn’t changed the Gospels. I assure you, the pope is Catholic and he has not changed a single teaching that Jesus taught. He can’t. He has no authority to change doctrine: contrary to what Mary Carberry and her followers seem to think. Infallibility doesn’t make the pope omnipotent. He can’t do whatever he pleases. He is the Lord’s servant, not his master. If Jesus said He didn’t come to change not even a letter of the Law what makes you think the Pope has the power to abrogate a single one of God’s laws or deny the laws of nature? He can only guard, protect and pass on what he received, meaning the Deposit of Faith.

    It is MDM who has done a diabolical work in casting so much suspicion on the pope that many of the faithful have become fearful; they no longer trust the work of the Holy Spirit to guide the barque of Peter safely through stormy seas.

    As for claim that the book of Revelation mentions the “Anti-Pope” you have been misled or are seeking to mislead. What translation of the Bible do you have, Rosa, that uses the word “Anti-Pope?” What is written in Revelation 13 is the depiction of the beast who comes out of the sea and gives his throne and power to the “dragon” – another image for Satan. This beast, (supposedly Pope Francis according to anti-Catholics) will be mortally wounded and make a miraculous recovery. Mary has borrowed more predictions from Revelation to say that like the beast he will form a one world religion. Her narrative continues that any of the faithful priests who refuse to worship in these mock rituals – all explicitly described like a bad horror movie by MDM’s “voices” – will be viciously hunted down, tortured and executed. The faithful who remain loyal to Pope Francis and find MDM’s writings offensive to their Catholic sensibilities have all been cursed along with him and are destined to fall into the abyss, for all eternity. Even if they should crawl on their stomachs the pseudo-jesus of MDM’s imagination will refuse them mercy. All these “miserable souls” when they finally “realize” in horror, the authenticity of God’s “final prophet” will anxiously search out the Seal of the Living God. Unfortunately, it will be too late for them.

    Fortunately, for us and all baptized Christians we have already been “sealed” as God’s own possession. We have nothing to fear from Mary Carberry and whoever hired her to do “a job.” Separate yourself from whatever or whoever is controlling her. You don’t need her to lead you to heaven. Jesus already showed you “the Way.”

  4. Many are uninformed

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