The Prophetess and the Psychic…

The Prophetess and the Psychic…

Maria Divine Mercy Linked to Controversial Irish Clairvoyant Joe Coleman!

Mary and Coleman

In the Midwaystreet account of “Mary Carberry’s journey into the world of vision-making”, it is correctly pointed out that there are two public versions of how MDM began her odyssey of delivering what she considers heavenly prophesies leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  These are the Introduction to “The Book of Truth” and the Interview which Mrs. Carberry granted to the Philadelphia radio program ‘As the Spirit Leads’.  There is, however, a story that she is carefully keeping hidden from public scrutiny.  The following factual evidence proves that Carberry had been receiving spiritual communications for possibly a year or more prior to her alleged first Maria Divine Mercy message in November of 2010 and that she had been intimately involved with the private revelations of another alleged Irish mystic seer.

Joe Coleman fraud

The story for Mary began with her association as a public relations consultant and website designer for fellow mystic and occult reader and spiritualist Joe Coleman.  His reported ‘apparitions’ of the Virgin Mary have received a negative judgment from the local Archbishop of Tuam, the Most Reverend Michael Neary and are thusly condemned by the Catholic Church.  Coleman has reportedly been involved in occult practices including Tarot readings and considered himself to be a medium and self-proclaimed healer and ‘channel for love’, charging $60 per hour for his services.   It has been reported that Mrs. McGovern Carberry served as the public relations agent for Coleman and was even involved in securing an interview for her partner in spiritual monkey-business on the Irish television program the Late Late Show.

Oh, but you say that she was just Coleman’s public relations lady – right – not any spiritual connection?  Is there anyone who claims that their relationship was a bit closer than that?

Well… how about the fellow visionary’s OWN WORDS stated in her letter to well-known theologian Ron Conte on November 1, 2010 about a week before the Maria Divine Mercy revelations began.  That’s right!  A woman authoring her letter only as “Mary (cant give you my surname unfortunately)” and claiming to be a ‘second visionary’ with Coleman made the following statement…

“I am the second visionary. We both see Our Lady as well as her beloved son Jesus Christ. I also see a nun during the apparitions which I have been led to believe is Sister Faustina the Polish nun who are given a prayer of the Divine Mercy to prepare the world for the Second Coming back in the 1930’s. Visions of St Philomena and St Bernadette have also occured from time to time. They are becoming more pronounced and more frequent in recent weeks.”


     So, a SECOND VISIONARY named Mary who doesn’t want to give out her name (sound familiar?) claims to see Our Lady and several other famous saints, alongside Joe Coleman.  She also admits in the same letter that she manages the website for Coleman and in fact, the letter was indeed sent from the email address of (Coleman’s official email address).  In the letter, Mary also advertises to Mr. Conte that the next ‘apparition’ (actually the first meeting of Coleman’s newly formed Holy Victorious Rosary group) will be held on November 6th, a few days later.

Mary claims that she and Joe received monthly messages and that Blessed Mother has asked for them to be published.  Mary then goes on to say that Mr. Coleman has gone public but that she has NOT …

Mary McGovern Carberry

Mary McGovern Carberry

“I manage the website but have not gone public because I don’t have the courage to tell you the truth.”

~ Mary (can’t give you my surname unfortunately)

The letter from anonymous co-visionary ‘Mary’ may be viewed on Ron Conte’s website at the following address…

     Now let’s compare the statements in this letter to the words spoken by Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) during her radio interview in 2011.  Here are a few quotes from that dialogue which has been painstakingly transcribed by the blogger Rosary Lovey on her blog Miraculous Rosary’

“First of all, em,  I was a lapsed catholic, I’d no real interest in religion. In fact I could honestly say I was heading toward being agnostic…em…hadn’t received sacraments for years including confession – had no interest, quite frankly, because my life was different, em, far removed from, from going to church or going to mass. I was a high-flyer businesswoman.”  ~ MDM

“No interest in religion, heading toward agnosticism, and not going to Mass?”  

Yet, Mrs. McGovern Carberry was reportedly giving very ‘faithful’ service as the public relations consultant to clairvoyant visionary Joe Coleman who claims to be receiving his guidance directly from Our Lady in Heaven.  You would think that with Mary Carberry working so closely with Joe Coleman that she would have grown a bit closer to her Catholic Faith.  The word ‘agnostic’ means that one does not know if there actually IS a God at all!   And then we have the letter noted above, with ‘anonymous Mary’ claiming to be a visionary in her own right?… YOU BE THE JUDGE !

It should also be noted that even though Mrs. McGovern Carberry sought to remain anonymous as MDM, her identity has now been confirmed by one of her own associates, Martin Roth, on his own German website.  Mr. Roth serves as a co-director with Breffni ‘Joseph Gabriel’ Cully at MDM businesses Trumpet Publishing and Merdel Ltd.  He is the official German publisher and translator for The Book of Truth.  Here is a quote from Roth’s statement in which he also confirms Mary’s reception of ‘messages’ via an occult channeling process known as automatic writing – a practice which has been CONDEMNED by the Catholic Church since a decree of the Holy Office was issued in 1898…

“…Then I asked Mary if I could ask a question to Jesus. She said yes, immediately went to my surprise to her place, took a picture of Jesus and a small note book and came back to me. I thought she wanted my question to write and later sometime tell the answer.  After placing my question she started to my surprise short, maybe 10 seconds to pray to the image of Jesus. Then she began to write. I sat next to her and watched her without hesitation and thinking in high speed wrote flawlessly without correction of the text…

(words of Martin Roth translated from German)

(“…Dann fragte ich Mary, ob ich über sie Jesus eine Frage stellen dürfe. Sie bejahte, ging sofort zu meiner Überraschung zu ihrem Platz, nahm ein Bild von Jesus und ein kleines Schulheft und kam zu mir zurück. Ich dachte, sie wollte meine Frage aufschreiben, um die Antwort später, irgendwann mitzuteilen.  Nach dem Stellen meiner Frage begann sie zu meiner Überraschung kurz, vielleicht 10 Sekunden lang, über dem Jesusbild zu beten. Dann begann sie zu schreiben. Ich saß neben ihr und beobachtete, wie sie ohne zu zögern und nachzudenken in hoher Geschwindigkeit fehlerlos ohne Korrektur des extes niederschrieb…”)

So when did these ‘spiritual experiences’ actually begin for Mary Carberry?  In her radio interview, she claims to have received apparitions about a year prior to the MDM messages beginning in earnest on November 8, 2010, but that these were just figures appearing to pop out of statues which were not in fact speaking to her.  The first experience she reports to have occurred at a hospital chapel while there visiting a sick friend…

“I was visiting somebody in hospital, and I went into the church and I happened to pray before a statue of our Lady.

This is a year beforehand. Now I hadn’t prayed for a long, long time…

And as I prayed she came out on the altar. I…I… I was so…like how can I describe it… I freaked out …”

Mary Carberry reports in her interview that this experience happened about 1 year beforehand, which would be about Nov. 2009.

Barbara Ann: ‘So were you in the church by yourself at the time?’

MDM (Mary Carberry): ’Yeah, I had… no there was another person with me’

Barbara Ann: ‘And did they see it too?’

MDM: ‘Yeah…’   Barbara Ann: ‘Oh, they DID? Okay.’

MDM: ‘Yeah But that sort of …but that was helpful because at least I knew it wasn’t just ME. Em,’

     Mary does not mention who this other person was who joined her in witnessing that very first apparition.  But she clearly confirms that another person was indeed present in the chapel.  Another person also witnessed the vision that day.  So whom could that have been?  Keep in mind, however, that Carberry was also offering her reportedly ‘free’ public relations services to  Coleman in 2009, so the two seers would have been acquainted with one another for sure by this time.  She was working gratis for Coleman, presumably because she believes in what he is experiencing, yet she claims at the time to have not prayed for a ‘long long time’, to have been away from the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, and to have considered herself almost agnostic.  Something doesn’t fit with these contradictions in her life?

     Mary Carberry goes on to state in the interview…

“…these visions were coming for quite some time. And then finally in November, I went to a grotto where I li-  not far from where I live, and I was with a few friends who I’d heard there was a Rosary group and I just… something made me go down and when I went down that day that’s what changed everything.  Because, as I looked at her statue she came out again.”


Joe Coleman

     The visions were coming for ‘quite some time’ following the first experience in the hospital which occurred around November 2009, so presumably this Rosary meeting would have been in November 2010.  The very first meeting of Joe Coleman’s Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer group was held on November 6, 2010 as was announced by ‘Anonymous Mary’ in her letter to Ron Conte of Nov. 1, 2010.  ‘Anonymous Mary’ also stated that an ‘apparition’ was to occur at that time. This meeting was indeed held at a grotto in Melleray Co. Waterford which is a shrine directly down South of Malahide where Mary Carberry resides.  The pieces do seem to fit, but if Carberry IS ‘Anonymous Mary’ then she had actually been receiving ‘messages’ along with Coleman for the past year

“We receive messages every month. From the beginning Our Lady asked that we publish them.”  

So if Mary Carberry said this, then the messages that she, as ‘Maria Divine Mercy’, received from ‘Blessed Mother’ on Novemeber 8th (following her afternoon Rosary) and the awakening in her bed at 3am would NOT have been her VERY first ‘messages’.

     Coleman’s Holy Victorious Rosary group also may have been where Mary Carberry first met her German friend Martin Roth.  Both are listed on a mailing list for the Rosary group on Joe Coleman’s website which was published on the site in 2012.   Roth’s name is listed as the name of his website ‘herzmariens’ … 


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